Room Decoration Ideas

It´s been a month since I moved (crazy, right?). I feel like this little apartment has finally become my home. I´ve decorated it just the way I wanted and I brought in a lot of pictures to always stay close to my friends and family.  It´s still not perfect and there are still some decorative pieces missing (like something to store my necklaces on) but I think it´s mostly set for now. I like it a lot and it definitely has helped me get settled in a totally new environment.

On Friendship

I am a sucker for poetry. There, I said it. I love reading Shakespeare (though I might not always know what he´s saying) and sometimes reading a poem gives me shivers. It has even gotten to that point where I analyze lyrics in my head. But I also feel like poetry does not get enough attention in this century and in my age. Many young adults would rather watch non-sense TV-shows than spent a few minutes reading a poem (sometimes I am guilty of that as well). I wanted to share a beautiful poem with you today that means a lot to me.

My Bucket List

When I was having such a long break from school and everything in general in summer, I often had the feeling that I wasn´t achieving anything while others were seeing the whole world. I still feel like that a lot of times. As a result I started a bucket list and it always reminds me that I still have a chance at experiencing those moments because I am still very young (my life basically just starts now). I don´t know if this is a Tag yet (I haven´t found one) but I´d like to make it one.

Autumn Fashion Wishlist

What is it about living on a budget that makes me want to buy everything I see? Whatever it is, it is driving me insane. Autumn has come around and all the new collections are in store. As I´ve been changing up my feeling about fashion and my style recently I know realize that I barely have things I actually want to wear. Here are some of the things I would really like to own.

The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream

When it was time for me to move out I did one major shopping trip to get everything I still needed at that point. On a limp I also picked up the Mango Hand Cream when I was strolling through The Body Shop. After a few weeks of using it now I think I can tell you if it´s worth picking up.

Getting Cosy

I am looking at a tree that is standing topless outside of my window. As much as I like to hang onto summer I think that´s not possible anymore. Autumn is actually her. That´s actually not the worst thing in the world. Halloween is just around the corner, colorful, crunchy leaves are lying on the ground and I can get absolutely cosy with a blanket and fluffy socks without anyone judging me. I wanted to make a list of my favorite things for getting cosy.

Revlon Colorbust Lip Butter Review

After I have bored you so much with all my thoughtful posts, it is now time for a easy-to-read review (not that I didn´t put any thoughts into this one!). When I was in London I couldn´t help myself and just had to buy a lot of beauty products which are having a bit of a hype right now. The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters are one of these products.

Heart To Heart

I thought a bit of spring flowers would brighten up the dark autumn. 

Look at that, this is my 200th blogpost. Well, technically I have written a few more than 200 as I deleted some old ones from the blog. But you can still go back and read most of my old and cringe-worthy blogposts if you want to do that to yourself. After a year of blogging and 200 blogposts, I feel that we are friends now. If I were to meet anyone of you, I´d instantly go and hug you. When it comes to hugging one quote has stuck with me.

Autumn Inspired FOTD (with a twist)

Autumn is really upon us now and that definitely calls for some red lip action. Since I am quite new to the red lip department and feel not brave enough to wear dark red shades, I opted for this brighter shade. I also added a bit of a twist to the traditional matte lipstick as it makes my lips appear fuller.

A Fresh Start

the picture is horrible which kind of proves my point
It´s a classic cliché: When women want to start over they get a new haircut. Personally, I have never met a woman who actually got a new haircut because of a breakup. I have been really annoyed with my hair for a long time now and as I was moving out anyway, there was no better time to get rid of old stuff.

All Those Happy Things

Moving out is a rough procress, I think I mentioned that quite a few times already but I really mean it. I also never had the greatest of luck. Whatever could go wrong over the past two weeks did go totally wrong. Worst thing yet: Rode my bike up the steep hill to my uni to get my seasonal ticket for the bus when the selling point was already closed. I then read on that selling point that I could have gotten it at the train station 2 minutes from my apartment away. I think a list of little and simple things that did make me happy over the past two weeks is in order.

September Favorites

Even writing the title to this post felt totally weird. I can´t believe we´re already in October. That means there´s only three months until it´s Christmas. Where did the rest of the year just go? But in old blogging routine, here go my favorites for the month September. This time they are a bit more random.