Skincare Party by Mary Kay

When I was younger my mom used to go to Tupperware-Parties all the time. It was a fashion back in the 90s and early in the 2000s. That way we now have loads of Tupperware containers at home, so much actually that they don´t even fit into our kitchen and we have some in the basement as well. Now, years after this, a new party is taking over: The Skincare Party.

Skincare Parties work in the same way that Tupperware-Parties do. One girl is the host and invites an Independant Beauty Consultant from the brand Mary Kay over to her house. She also invites at least three friends. The consultant who comes from the brand then introduces all of them to the products, let´s them try it all out and hopes that some girls decide to buy some of the products later. I was lucky that my best friend decided to host one of those Skincare Parties at her house.

I was extremely excited about all of this. I was expecting the consultant who works for Mary Kay to be a total expert when it comes to skincare. I wanted to learn something new and maybe find a miracle product that actually helps my skin a lot. Well, that did not exactly happen. Our consultant was Johanna. She is maybe a few years older than me and was just starting out at Mary Kay. She also explained to us later that she isn´t really working for the brand. She signed a contract as an Independent Beauty Consultant but she actually just can order all the products and has no special training done - don´t ask me all the details about this, I haven´t understood how all of this works as well. She isn´t paid or anything for those parties. Also as she was just starting out, she didn´t own all the products Mary Kay offers - she has to buy them all herself -  and therefore we couldn´t try out all of them. To my disappointment, she was just a normal person like you and me and therefore had a normal person knowledge of skincare.

On the other hand, all of those disappointments also meant that we weren´t pressured into ordering something as it made no difference to her. Johanna was just really into Mary Kay´s products and tried to tell us why she loved them so much.  She also is one of the nicest persons I have met and she stayed with us for two hours after the party had come to an end and we just talked and laughed a lot with her.

Firstly, we had to fill out or individual Beauty Profile which the brand can use to recommend other products to us if we buy some. We then used a few of their products to remove half of our make up, cleanse and moisturize half of our face. We also got to carefor our lips and hands. Afterwards we were allowed to play a bit with the make up range that Mary Kay offers and I was pretty much astonished by how pigmented their eyeshadows and nail polishes were. The bright nail polishes were opaque after one coat and I just applied a second one because I always do. I have never seen a nail polish like that. 

Even though most of my expectations were crushed, I still enjoyed the whole evening. It was a very casual atmosphere and we laughed a lot. I didn´t order anything as I wasn´t that impressed with most of the products she showed us - except for the handlotion and the lipscrub - but I flipped through the catalogue and found some other interesting products. I think the evening could´ve gone totally wrong if anyone else besides Johanna would´ve come over. You can visit Mary Kay´s website here and have a look through their products yourself if you want to. Maybe there´s something interesting in there for you as well.


  1. Wow, this sounds really cool! I've never been to a skincare party before, but I would definitely love to go. It sounds like you had a good time at your friend's party. Really disappointed to hear that you didn't get to meet a beauty expert or try out the full range of Mary Kay products, but alas it was a good experience. :) x

    1. Yeah, I am taking it for the fun time with my friends and the experience with me. I now know that I would really like to go to another skincare party as it can be really interesting and fun at the same time.
      xx Lisa


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