Packing Up My Stuff

I am sitting in a new room with new furniture in a town I barely know with a new radio station being my background music hundreds of kilometers from my parents, my sister and my friends away. It´s all so new and I am scared as hell for everything that is to come. Living alone won´t be the problem as I actually enjoy the freedom I have but I have no idea what starting at uni will bring with it. Will I find friends? Will I like psychology as much as I think I will. When will I see my friends and family the next time? Will I get along with my roommate?

The hardest part about moving up to this point (outside of sleeping without curtains) has been packing up my stuff at home. That´s the thing that I actually hated doing even though I was so excited to do it at first. For me, it made the whole moving thing way too real. The day I had to start packing came way too suddenly for me. Leaving my friends, my old room and my usual routine were the things I wasn´t really excited to do.

My parents stayed in a hotel for the time of the move as they helped me buy everything, build the furniture (yes, it´s all Ikea, I am guilty) and clean up afterwards. They have left sunday around lunch time and unpacking my boxes is again the hardest part right now. I am even procrastinating from it while writing this post. I am more excited to go out and shop for some trousers (it´s the hardest part of shopping, that´s why I only own one pair) than stay in my pj´s and unpack some more boxes.

I don´t want to leave this hanging on a mixed note. I am actually loving my new room and I think it will be wonderful to live here once I am fully settled in. I am living in the perfect spot once the mall is finished next year (I literally have to cross one street to be there). I have everything I need near to me as it its right now but a mall never hurts, does it? I have always been quite good at finding new friends and I am pretty sure I will find some friends here. Everything will find its way and I can always count on my family to be there for me. They would even help me move out in a few weeks if I decide this place is not for me. I have my fingers crossed that I won´t need to take them up for it.


  1. Uni was literally the best time of my life! I have been finished for over a year now, and I would do anything to go back! Enjoy yourself, don't worry too much :) It is hard moving for the first time, but it's definitely going to be an amazing few years!

    1. I really hope so! It´s just all so new and I kind of want to stay in my usual place and change nothing. I am scared of everything here. I don´t know if I am too loud for my neighbors or if I am watching too much TV and therefore wasting too much energy that isn´t covered in my rent. But I will work it all out throughout the next few months.
      xx Lisa


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