My Top Seven - House Haul

If you haven´t noticed that I am in the process of moving right now, you must have lived under a rock. As stressful as it is, I finally got a perfect excuse to go to Ikea multiple times without feeling guilty. I also went shopping to get all the things other things I needed. If I was to show you everything I bought, this post would be longer than the great wall of china, so here are my top seven buys.

For my new room I love organising things. Any kind of boxes are my lifesaver. I especially love these two ones with the flower pattern. The bright ones hold a lot of random stuff and stand in my shelf. The smaller ones wouldn´t perfectly fit into my room but it was love at first sight. I decided to use them for storing my underwear and my socks in my wardrobe. Both are from Ikea.

I own a lot of pictures and I own a lot of frames but all of them are either broken or have a totally wrong color. All of my pictures had to move therefore and I absolutely fell in love with those two at Ikea. One is more of a lace design which is absolutely adorable and the other one is more of a sharp modern look. I haven´t decided which pictures will go into them but they look so cute already!

This mirror was love at first sight because it just looks like that extra bit that everyone wants. Sadly, I had to discover that it´s not the perfect mirror for putting on my make up because it´s not straightly horizontal. I might have to figure out how to do my make up in front of it or how to straighten it as it is such a pretty design.

These two glasseare just so adorable. The pastel pink color is just too cute. Honestly, I don´t have the room to store them but I couldn´t leave them in Ikea. Especially, since I own two of the fitting bowls. I will enjoy drinking smoothies out of them so much!

I am no good with plants but my window frame needed a bit of decoration and a flower looks just so nice in there. I couldn´t help that I fell in love with this white orchid at Ikea. It would have been a shame to leave it there. Now I will have to google how to care for an orchid the right way because I don´t want this one to die. Look how pretty it is! (If you have any tips, leave them below!)

These two are my favorite pillows of all time. The bigger one is widely known as it is from Ikea and almost every person owns it. I still love it and it looks absolutely great in my armchair. I haven´t experienced a big pillow being that comfortable and I am amazed. The smaller one is from Nanu Nana (guess what, a thing I haven´t bought from Ikea) and it has those lace details at the front. I just saw this one and fell in love (with like every other item I mentioned here). It´s absolutely gorgeous! I have no idea where this will go yet but I´d suggest my bed would be a great idea.

Lastly, this gown from Primark would be my favorite thing out of all the things mentioned here. It´s from ikea and it´s not only pretty but also comfortable and totally fluffy. I have spent every morning and evening in this gown and I want to spent every day fully in it. I love the pink details it has. I can only say that this is the most comfortable gown I have ever owned!

Obviously, this is just a tiny snippet of all the things I bought. Moving out for the first time is really just a process of buying almost everything new. I am planning on showing you bits of decoration I put together once my room is finished. As I am living on a harsh budget now, I can´t afford all the things I need in one go, so the decoration post will maybe follow next month or the month after it. Now is the time to fully unpack and get some other stuff done as well!


  1. I love the black and white theme. It goes really well together. The pillows look really cute.

    Best of luck with moving. :)

    Olivia x Beauty from the Fjord

  2. Black and white just go with everything, don´t they? I already have a pink wall, I don´t need that much of color anymore. ;)
    xx Lisa


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