My Top Seven - Happy Songs

If you should know anything about me it´s that I don´t do anything without music. Getting ready in the morning? Listening to music! Making Lunch? Listening to music! Writing a blogpost? Listening to music. Sometimes I lie down and just listen to music or I just have a good old dance out to get me motivated - I took that idea from Grey´s Anatomy, oops. I´ve put together a playlist containig seven songs that currently just make me happy and have me dancing in no time. I think they really help when I have to get up early.

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
Superlove - Charli XCX
All About that Bass - Meghan Trainor
Wicked Wonderland - Marting Tungevaag
Postcards - James Blunt
Break Free - Ariana Grande
One More Time - Nick & Knight

These songs are not only making me incredibly happy but they´re also so catchy that I get them stuck in my head all the time. They do remind me a bit of summer as I´ve been listening to them mostly then but that´s great as the sky out of my window is currently grey. I really enjoy having dance outs to this playlist as I can just let go and shake all of my worries off. For me, this songs get me incredibly motivated as well, so I can stumble right into working afterwards - or take a short break to catch my breath. I love this playlist at the moment and let me know if you love any of the songs as well.

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