My Top Seven - Back To School Beauty

September is that magical month where all tv shows come back from their summer break but it´s also the time of the year where we all have to go back to school. I liked school for the most part - except for getting up early and boring classes - but now I´ve graduated and university doesn´t start until October. But I know what school is like and I was wearing make up from seventh grade one. I have gathered some essentials since then and wanted to share them with you.

First up is the Pure Dream 8-in-1 BB Cream by Maybelline. I´ve been suffering from acne since becoming a teen and covering that up was one of the main reasons I started wearing make up. I often feel like foundation is a bit too heavy, so I opted for BB Creams and this one is my favorite. It really matches my skintone and feels moisturizing. Also it has quite a bit of coverage. A concealer goes right along with it. This is my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I added this recently into my collection and it is by far my favorite one. I feel others have better coverage but therefore this is the only really keeping matt throughout the day. If you´re not going to a classic American High School from teen films, you probably won´t re-apply powder throughout your school day so products that stay matt are lifesavers.

I always found simpler eye make ups look better for school. That way I either went with neutral colors and just applied a bright color all over my lid and then blended a darker one into my crease. But that is not the fastest thing to do. Way faster is the P2 24 Hours Perfect Eyeshadow Cream or similar cream eyeshadows. This is a perfect subtle pink that blends in with your skincolor and just adds a bit of shine and glitter to your eyes. Therefore letting you seem more awake. I really love how easy this is applied with the doe foot applicator. It also blends in perfectly. Eyelash curlers are always essential. My lashes go right down, so I need any kind of curlers to make them visible and pretty. The curler I found works best is the one by Ebelin.  The only mascara that seems to hold the curl is the Maybelline The Rocket Volum´ Express Mascara in waterproof. I have raved about this product several times and I don´t use any mascara besides this one. This is my one true love! It´s really black, it adds volume and a bit of length and it holds my curl. It even survives crying. What more do we want?

Blush has been my enemy for a long time. I couldn´t manage not looking like a clown after applying it, so I mostly didn´t use any for school. However, I found the Catrice Multi Colour Blush just perfect for that occasion. There are different shades available but I only own 070 Iced Caramel Macchiato. These aren´t highly pigmented and that´s what makes them perfect. They are really subtle and you almost can´t take too much. Still they add a nice natural blush to your face. You can use ever shade on its own, but I prefer swirling through them. I found the same rule applies for lipstick. Nobody at our school was wearing bright lipsticks. For me the Revlon Colorburts Lip Butters are essential. They are quite sheer but still add just the right amount of color to make it look like your lips but better. You can also top them up without a mirror, so it just works for school.

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