At the start of this blog I promised you to always be honest here and I have been. I will not make something sound pretty if it´s not. Just to clarify this from the start: I am not leaving this blog because it and anyone who reads it means to much to me. But I am leaving the nest and moving not only out of my family´s house but a 6 hour drive away.

It´s all so very exciting. Buying new stuff is one of the things I love most and I´ve been stalking the Ikea website for three weeks now. Since I was in 8th grade I wanted to leave my school and preferably this small town as well because I had no friends at school and couldn´t be myself without all of my grade judging me. I am still glad I get to leave almost all of my grade behind me as I don´t feel the need to ever see them again but I have found some close friends over the past years and it´s really hard to leave them behind.

My best friend had the genius idea to buy a friendship book so that everyone can come with me in a way. When I took a look into this one I knew it had stolen my hard with it´s overly cute layout and not so standard questions. I absolutely love the fact that there are six different pages in it that repeat themselves. They all have a different pastel color and a few different questions.  I have taken this to every goodbye I had to make and by now it´s almost full. Of course I have reserved the first half of the book to my really close friends and the first page was for my best friend alone. It´s a really cute way to remember all of my friends and to take them wherever I´ll go. For me, they have changed my life for the better. I think it all could´ve gone two ways when I was in 8th grade. I could´ve found the best friends in the world - which I did and am so thankful for - or I could´ve stayed alone and probably would´ve gotten into depression. So, thanks to all of my friends for saving me!

I couldn´t be more honest when I say that I am as excited as I am scared to leave. I would love to take my friends and family with me but sadly, that´s not possible. I have been crying a lot at completely random stuff and my body starts shaking from now and then for no apparent reason. My mom says all of that is caused by my nerves but I deeply believe that it´s my body expressing how sad it is to leave my friends here. I am going to do my best to stay in contact because those friendships are worth the effort! 

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