Healthy Back To School Snacks

When I was at school I was already pretty big on healthy eating. I always found that other people´s snacks for breaks looked more delicious than my healthy snacks. I don´t know if anyone else feels the same way but I was then sat there staring at other people´s snacks and unhappily ate mine. I never figured out how much fun healthy eating actually is. Now I have found a few snacks that are healthy and look absolutely delicious. I will definitely take them with me to university.

This is probably the easiest snack. Instead of eating boring bread I make myself a delicious wrap. I just put herb curd on the wrap, add a bit of salad and then use a few slices of turkey breast filet with cucumbers. To give it a final touch I sprinkle salt and maybe a few more herbs on top of it. I like it that way the best but you can actually add whatever you like. Tuna with corn is another favorite of mine or you just re-use yesterday´s salad and put it in to a wrap. It looks delicious either way and is fun to eat.

Fruits, Nuts & Veggies
Personally, I love snacking away but the carrots I took with me to school always looked so boring. The trick with fruits, nuts and vegetables is to take colorful ones and have them lying right next to each other. Instantly it all looks better because of the colors. Also nuts are my favorite healthy snack and I wish I had figured that out while I was still in school. Fruits just add a bit of sweetness to your break.

Homemade Granola Bars
Granola bars are always just so delicious but unfortunately, they are also filled with a lot of unhealthy sugar When I was doing a bit of research I came across hundreds of recipes for homemade granola bars and they´re divine. They´re relatively easy to make and are just delicious. The best part is that you can adapt them to your liking though. If you´re a total sweettooth like myself, you can also dip them in dark chocolate afterwards and sprinkle a bit of it on top of the granola bar. This is most definitely my favorite healthy snack.

Dark Chocolate & Popcorn
Okay, those two aren´t exactly the healthiest snacks but most of us are sweettooths and we can´t stay away from sweets for a long time. Dark chocolate is way better for you than milk chocolate is but it´s still chocolate and still tastes a bit sweet. That doesn´t mean you can eat a whole bar without ever regretting it. Technically, popcorn isn´t bad for you. It´s just popped corn and therefore practically a vegetable. What makes it unhealthy is the amount and the kind of oil used for the popping process as well as the toppings. You can make popcorn yourself so easily and just use less oil. Coconut oil is my healthy oil choice. I also sprinkle just a bit of sugar on top of still warm popcorn and that´s it.

I love all of those snacks. They are great for everyone wether you take them to school, to university or to work. Most take a bit more time to make than the usual snacks you take with you but therefore they look absolutely delicious. Now everyone will be jealous of your snacks and just staring at them.

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