Empties: The First One

You can´t always get what you want - did anyone else sing this? - and I had to learn it for moving. I wanted to take everything with me but for the sake of leighter packing and a fresh start I had to use up a few things. I then realized that I had never done an empties post and here we are now.

* Pictures were taken before my last shower were I used every little bit of product left 

Ponche Showergel, Rub Rub Rub Showerpeeling and Cupcake Facemask are all things I bought early into my Lush history. I don´t really enjoy the smell of Ponche and Cupcake and I have found facemasks that are better working against my acne. I actually really like Rub Rub Rub except for the fact that all the water gets into the tub while showering. I also haven´t gotten that much into body peelings as well but I am trying to get them into my shower routine.
Repurchase: No, Maybe at a later time  & No

The Mango Bodybutter and Body Lotion have my favorite smell from The Body Shop. In direct comparism I enjoyed the bodybutter a bit more as I feel that it does more for my skin. It therefore also takes a bit more time soaking into my skin.
Repurchase: Yes & Maybe

I actually really enjoyed using the Balea Clearing Toner and Stay Matte Moisturiser. I actually have another po of the moisturiser that I am currently using. Both haven´t broken me out and have left my skin feeling soft. The only reason why I am not repurchasing both is the fact that I have found other products e.g. my Vichy Normaderm Moisturiser that also work against my acne.
Repurchase: No & No

I have gone through two bottles of Garnier Skin Naturals Cleansers. One is called Pure Active Fruit Energy and the other is the typical Pure Active one. I liked the smell of the Fruit Energy one better but it also lists perfum as one of its ingredients which can irritate my skin. Pure Active smells a bit stronger but I have noticed a small difference when using this.
Repurchase: No & Probably

For a long time the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer was my favorite concealer in the world but I have tested the Wake Me Up Concealer against it and I can´t make up my mind now. It is the most pigmented concealer I have ever owned but it also gets very patchy in my T-zone. The Catrice Liquid Liner was my first eyeliner ever and I quite like it still. The tip is just the right amount of flexible and it is really pitch dark.
Repurchase: If I can make up my mind & Yes

Three bottles of the Maybelline Eye Make Up Remover have been emptied by me and I still love this make up remover. It does the job amazingly and even if it leaves my skin a bit oily it doesn´t leave it feeling ripped. A bit of cleansing afterwards and my skin isn´t oily anymore. For me this is the best make up remover that I have tested yet.
Repurchase: Definitely

Most of the mentioned things will not be repurchased but I enjoyed using all of them. With a fresh start it is now time to try out even more products and find my perfect picks.


  1. I really like the LUSH Cupcake face mask! I have only gone through one pot, and it was literally ages ago but I seem to remember enjoying it at the time :) I'd like to try a different LUSH mask next time though :)


    1. Lush has so many great face masks, I want to try another one as well! :)
      xx Lisa


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