Childhood Memories #5

One of the things I love about pictures is how they hold the memory of a moment or a whole night even though they might not portray this special moment. Right now I have gotten into designing/creating my own pocket calender with pictures of my friends and family and all of my favorite TV shows. While looking for pictures of me and my sister, I found this gem hidden in one of my folders.
Just to clarify this: I am the girl on the right and yes, I do look way younger than my sister on the left. This picture was taken on New Year´s Eve 2004 (that´s ten years ago, wow, we already had that couch back then). The boy in the middle is the son of friends of my parents with whom we used to celebrate each New Year´s Eve. From the snacks on the table in the background, I can tell that we we´re already loving Pringles Sour Cream & Onion back then.

I don´t want to get into the horrible clothes I am wearing (look at those trousers!) or why I am looking so scared. The story I want to tell is about something else. See the pillow I am hugging, the one with the cow head? Yep, my story is about that. Back in the days the TV channel KiKa (a children´s channel) used to give those pillows away if you send them some kind of drawing. My sister and I adored the pillows but weren´t brave enough to send in drawings. My Mom then decided to get in touch with KiKa and ask them where they got those pillows from. They told her and she bought them for us but didn´t tell us anything about that process. On each of our name days she then presented us with the pillows and we we´re both the happiest children in the whole world.

Actually, I have no idea where my pillow has gone. I think it should be somewhere back at home and I will look for it when I am visiting my parents in December. A ten year anniversary of getting that pillow seems the right thing to do, don´t you think? I really loved this pillow deeply and slept on it every night.

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