Travel Essentials

Hi there internet friends.

It´s the first of August and that does not only mean that I am starting my Month of Travel over here, but it´s also the time of the month when everyone talks about their favorites. What a perfect time to tell you about my travel favorites.

sunglasses - bulgaria/primark; headphones - samsung/phillips; sunscreen - balea sun dance/nivea; hat - bulgaria; easy acc spare battery; hair clips - primark; hair oil - schauma; flip flops - tamaris

We all forgot our headphones once or twice while being on a train journey - if not, lucky you! It´s the most annoying thing in the world especially when you need to sit for at least an hour or more. I have found two pairs extremely handy this past month. The big ones are great for train journeys or flights as you can still hear a bit of the things around you. You want to know when to get off the train or when the pilot says something. The small ones are perfect for car rides with limited space and the possibility to sleep leaning against the window.

To keep busy during the journey magazines are perfect. I mostly prefer reading blogs over magazines but if you drive/fly out of your own country you might not have internet. Magazines are also perfect for catching up with the latest things in Hollywood or to get inspiration from for blog posts. In the end, you can always use them as probs for your pictures. Another thing I couldn´t go on vacation without is my spare battery. This thing is a life saver. Once it´s fully charged it can charge two phones or one tablet. That means you don´t have to watch out how much battery your phone has still left, amazing!

The one thing you don´t want to deal with while on vacation are sore feet. Therefore comfortable shoes that have a great quality are life savers. I adore my Tamaris flip flops which I got last year in summer but those are not really good for sightseeing - blisters ahead. I bought new sandals from New Yorker which are my new favorite shoes as they are so comfortable and good looking at the same time. Sunglasses are also necessary on every trip. I currently own five pairs of sunglasses, so I have one fitting for each outfit I might be wearing. It´s self-explanatory why sunglasses are necessary, isn´t it?

For any summer vacation sun protectant is necessary. We all know it but we don´t really like it. Sometimes even I think that skipping this step one might not be the worst but it really is. I´ve found the Nivea one really handy as it is a spray on that you rub in afterwards. My skin doesn´t feel sticky at all after this and it´s waterproof. I use a Balea mattifying one for my face and a lip balm with SPF for my lips which i also really like. I have also fallen in love with this hat that I got in Bulgaria. I love the look of it and it protects my head from the sun whenever I spend a day out window shopping on vacation.

Lastly, my hair is one thing I am always concerned about on vacation. Changes in the air especially with the sea salt in it damage my hair badly. The hat comes in handy here as well. I got into using a hair oil on vacation to avoid looking like a wild lion. This one is by Schauma and it has really protected my hair from the salty air. I also like to use this hair clips from Primark to get my hair out of my face when it´s windy or for putting make up on. They don´t cost much but they are really strong ones. I love them.

These are my favorite things to take on vacation with me and I can say that I´ve used them a lot this past month. There´s going to be a whole blog post on my beauty essentials at a later point this month, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Have a wonderful day


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