The Harry Potter Studio Tour

When I was in London with two of my best friends I took the opportunity we had. We went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It´s going to be a longer post so you may want to grab yourself a cup of your favorite warm beverage and some snacks. Warning: This post will contain lots of spoilers; if you want to visit the studios without knowing many things before it, then come back to this post after you´ve been there. Otherwise, continue.

Firstly, we were greated with incredibly big posters of the actors. We we´re already fangirling at that point. While standing in line to get into the next tour we could see Harry´s `Room´. Afterwards our Tour started with a little introduction by the lovely lead actors - sadly, on screen and not in real life.

The Great Hall is incredible and breathtaking. I really loved all the details that you don´t pay attention to in the films. Right after that the self guided tour started and we barely could get one feet in front of another because there was just so much to see. We learned how to use our wands and got to fly in the magic car and fly our own brooms. We saw so many sets and so many costumes. Because I was constantly fangirling so much about everything I suddenly got really calm. It was like being stuck on a high fangirling level for a longer time made it my normal level.

The outside sets were just as amazing and even a bit more exciting. Who - besides all the Harry Potter fans - can say they´ve crossed the Hogwarts Bridge and knocked on the Dursley´s door. Butterbeer is also really enjoyable though I wouldn´t like to drink I everyday. Nele went from I want a whole bottle of this to Ugh, I hate the taste of it in like 2 seconds, so it won´t be for everyone.

I really enjoyed walking through the effect area where it was shown how different monsters and other magical things were created for the films. I think many people underestimate the amount of work that goes into that kind of work. The paintings and models shown are just gorgeous and so detailed, definitely worth a longer look. But of course, the most exciting thing is the Hogwarts model in the end. I already knew about it so it wasn´t a surprise for me but it was still incredible.  It was bigger than I excpected and way more detailed. You can see every little path and every little house. I could have stood there and discover new details for hours.

We were lucky that there was a special theme our trip was under. I think for the month of August - I could be totally wrong about the timeframe - the theme `Bludgers and Broomsticks´ offers even more to see, for example a board game of Quidditch, moveable chess figures or  how broomsticks were made. We had a little chat with one of the two guys behind the Broomstick Making and he told us about how he created the broomsticks and how working on set was. He even showed us the most beautiful broom I have ever seen and then went on to show us an original Nimbus 2000 that was used for filming - fangirl gasping... Daniel Radcliffe actually sat on that broomstick!

I think the whole trip out to the studios was amazing and so worth the money - if you spent more money on gifts and pictures is everyone´s own decision, I did it. We didn´t get audio guides as we didn´t want to bother with them and it was still incredible. I still can´t totally believe all the things I´ve seen and discovered (and touched). I constantly thought to myself how much magic destroying the magic of the films can create. I would suggest everyone goes to the tour at least once in his/her lifetime. It is just amazing. 


  1. It looks amazing! I really want to go there someday.

    1. It was definitely amazing. I wanted to go for a few years now and it was so worth it!


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