Summer Recap

Sadly, the summer is almost over now. I don´t know what the weather is like where you are but in Germany August wasn´t really summer anymore. At the start of summer I wrote a post called My Summer To-Do List, click to read it here, and I thought a good way to look back on my summer was by crossing the things off that I did.

1. Go grocery shopping in all three different countries

2. Get a few things from the duty free section
3. Read a book at the beach
4. Visit an Aquaparc
5. Visit the historic center of Nessebar
6. Lay on the beach and watch the stars at night

7. Try Italian ice-cream
8. Visit a typical old Italian building
9. Capture at least one amazing view
10. Go on a boat
11. Get one good family picture

12. Get a picture with a red phone box
13. See TFIOS again (because it´s in English then)
14. Buy all the stuff I can´t get here
15. Hear English waves at the beach
16. See London at night

Somehow I managed to do three out of five things on each trip. I really wanted to see how much of it I would do without having the list with me and I think I did pretty well. All of the trips did not exactly go as I expected them and that´s great. Even though I put a lot effort into planning beforehand I do enjoy spontaneity at certain times. 

In Bulgaria we went to a bar every evening which was a lot of fun. I had thought we would spent a few nights just by ourselves instead but I loved the bars there.

In Italy we could drive almost everywhere faster than a boat could get us there. Also the beach and weather weren´t as good as I expected. Still we had fun a lot of fun at the pool.

In England we couldn´t go to Brighton as we planned which made hearing waves difficult. Unfortunately, we only stayed four days which made it hard to go to the cinema as the time just wasn´t there. Still I have never laughed so much and saw so much amazing stuff in just a few days.

I had great trips either way. Seeing that I crossed off most things just makes me happy but I wouldn´t care if I haven´t crossed a single thing off. I loved my vacations this way or another.


  1. these pictures are lovely! you do know how to take them :) it was lovely chatting with you on Twitter!

    Arianne |

    1. Thank you. I guess I just have a lucky hand sometimes ;) The same goes for you, I love those twitter chats, you can meet the nicest people there.


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