Summer Reading

The summer is almost over, just this month still to go. I can hear you all internally screaming `Noooooo!´ Believe me, I feel the same. I´ve been seeing this kind of blog post everywhere recently and I thought it would be fun to share with you what I read throughout the summer.

Nicholas Sparks - The Wedding

I am pretty sure every girl in the wold has read/seen The Notebook. This book continues their chidren´s & grandchildren´s story. Wilson is too caught up in his work that he even miss the wedding anniversary of him and Jane. Both of them have grown apart over the last years and Wilson feels mostly responsible for it. As he blames himself he is trying to make up for it by being incredibly helpful when his daughter suddenly wants to marry in two weeks.

As with all Nicholas Sparks novel I find that first half is incredibly hard to read. I practically have to force myself to continue reading. The second half on the other hand is getting so very emotional so fast and I find myself crying through this half of the novel. I really like how you get the suspicion that Wilson has something else planned but even though you get to know this story only through his view you have basically no clue what is going on until the end - or at least I didn´t. The revelation of his secret gift is just the cutest thing ever and at that moment, I could barely stop crying enough to read further. Great job!

Veronica Roth - Divergent

I have finally given into the hype around this book - or rather into my love for Shailene Woodley. When having to choose between the five fractions that keep the peace in the city of Chicago at her sixteenth birthday Beatrices picks a choice against her family. She becomes a member of the Dauntless. She had to make this decision herself as her aptitude test couldn´t help her. It showed that she is a Divergent who can belong to more than one fraction. She is supposed to never tell anyone about this as Divergents are seen as a threat to the system. At the same time she has to face the many challenges of the Dauntless initiation to become a full member of their fraction.

I read this in just two days in Bulgaria. I could barely let go of this book and even when I should have gotten a bit of sleep before going out the whole night I found myself rather reading. This book is fascinating and just so well written. Most reviews say how fast-paced this book is and I could not agree more. I also love how different topics like identity are approached in this novel which are really important for most YA readers. I do have to say that this book was bit more cruel than I expected it to be but I ended up liking the brutal reality.

Monika Feth - Der Bilderwächter

Haven gotten this book as a Christmas gift I finally got around reading it. It is the sixth novel of the Strawberry Picker series. Ilkas brother Ruben with whom she had a forbidden romance and who held her imprisoned for a while (whole story of this is explained in the second novel) died two years ago. He set in his will that now his paintings should be revealed facing Ilka with the challenge of seeing the only thing her brother has left her. When the curator´s assistent is found murdered lka and her friends find themselves in a police investigation once again.

I´ve been loving all books by Monika Feth since the beginning and own almost all of her thrillers. They are so incredibly suspenseful and almost make my heart stop sometimes. I adore the style of these books and how every character uses a different style to tell his/her side of the story. You can relate to all characters as you get to see the story from so many different angles, you even get to know how the murderer is thinking about his plans. If I ever had to just choose one series of books to read - which I never could - this would be it. Sadly, only The Strawberry Picker, the first book of the series, seems to have an English translation.

John Green - The Fault in Our Stars

I am so guilty of reading this again. I think it was my sixth time reading it and I will never ever stop. I just adore this book so much. I already did a full review on it back in September, you can read it here, and also reviewed the film adaptation right here.

I did find myself reading the German translation of this book as well this summer and it was okay. Nothing will ever be as good as the original itself, but it was definitely okay to read. This book has just changed something inside me, so I would suggest to read it and see it for yourself. It is definitely worth all the hype.

I hope you enjoyed my opinions on these books. I loved every single one of them. As I am always looking for new books to add to my must-reads tell me your favorite books for this summer.


  1. I really need to read TFIOS, but I don't know if I might find the subject matter a bit much at the moment. Everyone seems to love it so much though, I feel like I am missing out! You've also made me really want to read Divergent, I hadn't paid much attention to it until now, but you've really sold it to me! x

    1. Go and read TFIOS right now. One of my granddad´s passed away due to cancer and I am quite obsessed with this book. It is definitely worth the hype!
      Divergent is one of the best examples that the book is better than the movie. You should give this a go as well. I loved it!
      xx Lisa

  2. Die Bücher von Monika Feth sind wirklich sooo gut :) Hab leider nur die ersten 3 bis jetzt aber ich werde mir die anderen auf jeden fall auch noch kaufen :)x xxx

    1. Ich liebe Monika Feths Bücher über alles. Ich kann die dann auch einfach nicht weg legen, besonders Ilka und Mina sprechen mich als Charaktere total an, aber auch die anderen Personen sind einfach einzigartig geschrieben. ;)
      xx Lisa


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