Sunny Weather & Forgotten Curlers II Munich Part I

Driving from the west of Germany to Italy is definitely not the shortest way to make for a holiday. We figured having a weekend stop in Munich and parting the journey in two parts would be way better - why we drove the whole way back in one part is still a mystery to me. I just had to show Munich to you guys as well.

We got there around noon and checked into our hotel to just relax for a bit. My sister was feeling quite rubbish and it wouldn´t go away. My mom decided to stay with her so that my dad and I were able to explore a bit of Munich in the time we had left. The weather was really beautiful and we dumped the subway station to our left to walk all the way. 

After a bit more than half an hour and many beautiful sights we sat down at the Viktualienmarkt to grab ourselves something to snack and drink. The market is really incredibly. Not only can you sit down and drink your beer - or whatever you want - under the trees with the mumbling sounds of other conversations around you, you can also buy lots of fresh fruits or cheese or sandwiches or or or... They are just really perfect and the atmosphere is amazing on a hot summer day.

Walking a bit more we discovered the main shopping alley but I was gentle to my dad and didn´t drag him into any stores. Instead we watched the little perfomance of the townhall clock. We did have to look for a eyelash curler as I left mine at home - in the third store they finally had them in stock - and I will never forget how annoyed dad and I both were by that. There was a beautiful parc and a massive fountain on our way back to our hotel. We even saw a rainbow.

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