Not So Small Cokes & A Lot of Churches II Munich Part II

Looking back through the pictures we took, I had a feling we took more in Munich, but somehow we didn´t. I already shared the first part of Munich with you yesterday - here - and here´s the second day now.

After having a delicious breakfast, we went into town again. This time we used the subway much to my feets approval. Dad and I led the way over the Viktualienmarkt towards the main shopping road where there are also a few churches along the way. Because we had both parents with us we had to do much more sightseeing, but we also did a bit of shopping.

Of course we had to see the massive fountain again, but sadly there was no rainbow this time. I really enjoyed walking through the English Garden where there were not only surfers but also many people relaxing in the sun. After having a look at the university we headed off to visit the famous Hofbrauhaus. With traditional - and oh, so annyoingly loud music - in the background we ordered small cokes before finding something to eat.

Before we could fall into bed and sleep, my parents decided, it would be nice to see Munich by night. They were right, it looked great. But because I am just a bit stupid, I forgot my camera and my phone just didn´t capture the lights as nicely. We actually saw a bit more of Munich and got ice cream before going to bed, so it was worth it.

The next day we headed off early to Italy. I really, really liked our two days in Munich. I loved the atmosphere and all the different people around me. I even put the university higher on my priority list that day. I would love to go to Munich for a bit longer some time.

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