So Much Shopping & Sights At Night II London Part 2

As you will have seen yesterday, I had an amazing first two days in London. But that isn´t the end of it. We still had two more days for more adventures.

On our third day we planned to get to the London Dungeon at 10 am in order to have plenty of time left for other things. Well, that didn´t go exactly as we planned because the way into the city took way longer than we planned when we suddenly got lost in the whole tube system - yay, so much fun. In the end, we made it to Westminster and could enjoy - or in my case rather hate - the London Dungeon. Let me just say that I don´t watch scary movies for a reason, I don´t know why I thought the Dungeon would be fun. I was surprised I could sleep that night. Also the fear of the stories told was overran by the fear of getting called to the front.

We had planned to go to Brighton afterwards - we wanted to see the lanes and the beach - but sadly the ticket prices were much higher than the internet had promised us and that wasn´t worth it. Instead we went to have a kind of a picnic in a little park  - I forgot which one it was I´m sorry. The rain pretty much hushed us away after half an hour and we decided to see Buckingham Palace for that matter. Afterwards, we spent most of our money in various shops on Oxford Street before heading towards our Hotel for a little break. In the evening we went to Nando´s and then saw a few of London sights by night. We were surprised how many people were on the streets at 1 am.

Since we still had to pack our suitcases and shower after our night trip, we didn´t get to sleep before 3 am and had to get up again at 6.45 am - imagine our excitement. Having dropped off our bags and having had breakfast, we finally headed off. Our Hotel was right next to Wembley Stadium and we finally took some shots of it. Afterwards we joined the line to enter Madame Tussauds to see some of our favorite people. Sadly, they couldn´t talk back to us. There will be a whole post on Madame Tussauds up later this week.

We were pretty much tired and annoyed when we got out of Madame Tussauds. Nonetheless we went into Covent Garden to spent the rest of our money on food for the journey home and other bits and bops. Our last stop was Baker Street as we wanted some pictures in front of 221B but didn´t want to bother to go in or get into the line. I would highly recommend visiting there after 7 pm. It´s pretty much empty and you can take lots of pictures. It was then time to say goodbye to the Big Ben and head back home.

I am not lying when I say I had the most amazing time in London with two of the most amazing girls in the world. Everyone expected us to get bitchy or to exclude one girl but none of that happened. I think it´s because we were all the same at heart. I love you two a lot! I wish we didn´t have to leave London, I really wanted to stay.

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