Sightseeing & HP Dates II London Part 1

Nele, Me & Eileen

My London Haul and my London Lookbook probably were tiny hints that I was on a trip to London. Before I get into the post, I want to introduce to you two of the most amazing companions in the world. We have Nele (to my right) and Eileen (to my left) here and I think we went from being three individual fangirls to one mixed fangirl. I haven´t laughed that much in such a short time for a while. I love you two, you made it really incredible! And now off to telling you all something about the trip.

Our organisation Mango Tours offered a tour around London for the morning we got there. As we couldn´t get into our hotel earlier anyway, we decided to take part in it. Funnily enough, we didn´t get to see Londons famous sights but rather smaller ones. We saw The Shard, the Tower Bridge, the Millenium Bridge and the most futuristic building I have ever seen. Also we went into this little passage that had books hanging from the ceiling which was really cute. Afterwards we checked into our hotel which was standing right next to the Wembley Stadium.

After a little break we continued the sightseeing and went to Westiminster to say hello to Big Ben and enjoy the view from the London Eye. We also were amazed by the colofulness of Southside Festival through which we strolled a bit. Wanting to visit Hard Rock Cafe London we took the tube towards Hyde Park and decided to have a little walk through the park afterwards. We also got some Hot Dogs to eat and saw an amazing sunset between grey clouds. We then were very happy to get back to our hotel and fall into our beds.

The next day was under the topic Harry Potter so we visited Kings Cross Station in the morning. We even found Platform 9 3/4 and managed to get a picture without standing in line. Picadilly Circus was next on our list and we were quite stunned by how big the screen actually was. Our way led us towards Trafalger Square and the National Gallery stopping just for M&M World and a Starbucks. 

After all of that sightseeing we intended to do some shopping but time was running short so we made it only into a few shops. We had a date with Harry Potter at half past five and made it there just in time. Without a lot of waiting we got into the next tour and were amazed for almost 4 hours. There is also going to be a full post up about the Studio Tour on Wednesday. On our way back to the hotel we met two other girls that came with our organisation and we had lots of fun on the way back. Grinning like the fangirls we are we fell into bed that night.

That´s the first two days but we had to more ahead of us. Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of our London adventures tomorrow.

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