No Olaf & Loads of Sweets I Italy Days 5, 6 & 7

Day 5: Verona
The last three days of Italy before we took a 15 hour car ride home were just the perfect mixture of sightseeing and relaxing.

Day 5: Sirmione

For a start we drove over to Verona further in the south as it was raining in Tignale. Verona is a very famous and just as beautiful city. There was this market with so many booths selling delicious fruits and other little bits. We also saw Juliet´s balcony which I was really excited about - I´m such a nerd. Almost every pricier brand had a shop there, you name it it´s there. There was also a Sephora and a Disney Store - so exciting! Sadly, they didn´t have any Olaf stuffed toys in the Disney Store which was a huge disappointment. Afterward doing a bit of window shopping we saw a bit of the castle of Verona and then headed off again.

Sirmione is a peninsula and also really famous and therefore just a bit too touristic. As it was right on our way back to Tignale we took a little stop there as well. It was starting to rain but that couldn´t stop us from getting ice cream. The Castle there also looked beautiful and was right by the beach. Well, the beach on the other hand... Imagine lots of tourists standing on a small place with waves crawling up the gravel - not so much fun. Sightseeing is also not much fun in the rain so we went back pretty soon and then had a nice relaxing evening.

Day 6

Day 7: Malcesine

Thursday was spent relaxing, reading and playing games. Initially, we planned to have a beach/pool day but the weather hated us. With it raining non-stop there was not much to do. However, the weather got better in the evening and we had a chance to walk around town a bit. There was an evening market going on which was nice to see. One booth there selled so much delicious sweets, I could´ve just looked at them the whole time.

On our last day we decided to do some sightseeing again. There´s this famous town called Malcesine on the other side of Lake Garda that we went to see. It has a ropeway up to the top of the mountain. Dad and I wanted to go up but we´d have to stand in line for at least two hours and that was a bit too long. Our decisions was pretty good as an hour later clouds settled around the top of the mountain and therefore it´d have made no sense at all. We visited the Castle which again was just next to the public beach. This time there was not even space for one towel at the beach but Mom and I dipped our feet in either way. 

Day 7: Pool

Day 7: Waterfalls

The last afternoon was spent by the pool enjoying the sun that had finally come around. Dad decided to hike to a few waterfalls not too far away from Tignale. I would have loved to go with him but I didn´t have appropriate footwear with me. I did make Dad take the camera with him and it looks incredible!

This is all we did in Italy. I had a lot of fun and I think it was just the right mixture of having days to relax and days of sightseeing.

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