Lemon Ice Cream in Limone & Amazing Views I Italy Days 3 & 4

Day 3: Limone
There wasn´t much happening in the last Italy post but that will change today. After a day of car rides and a day of relaxing we had enough motivation built up to see some other towns.

Day 3: Gargnano

Firstly, we wanted to see Limone which is famous for it´s lemons - who would have thought that? The weather wasn´t brilliant, more of a rainy day actually. But that didn´t stop us one bit. We explored the small alleys and cute shops nontheless. It was a bit more touristic than Gardola which bothered my parents a lot, I thought it was totally okay. Limone is definitely worth checking out. The little shops sell great stuff for little money and the staff is really friendly. The houses do look so cute and if the sun shines you have an amazing view. The public beach we saw was more of a joke than anything else, not even space for two beach towels. I dipped my feet - and shoes - in the water either way. We had some amazing lemon ice cream - such a cliché - and then headed our way to another little town.

Gargnano is a bit smaller than Limone and less touristic. Unfortunately, as soon as we got there it started raining badly. We sat down in a little cafe with view on Lake Garda and enjoyed our delicious coffees. Gargnano had just as cute alleys and houses and cute havens. Everywhere there were trees and fruits to buy and it was just so pretty to see. Again, with better weather it would have been an even better trip.

Day 4

Our next day was started with visiting the little market that was taking place that morning. We didn´t buy anything but it was nice to see what was offered there. Other than at our market at home they offered clothing and belts and other stuff except for food.

A little hike up to a church was next. I am not that interested in churches or hiking but my parents promised me an amazing view, so I went with them. I was not disappointed. The view was to die for especially as the sun was shining and we could almost see the end of Lake Garda. There are pretty strict rules for entering a church in Italy; you are not allowed to go in if you were shorts/short skirts or your shoulders aren´t covered. Sadly, not everyone follows these rules. I am proud to say that we did and only Dad entered the church while we enjoyed the view.

We tried to spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool but the weather fooled us and it soon started to rain. We went back to our apartment, showered and then needed to do some more grocery shopping. Also we got some ice cream again as it is so good in Italy. In the evening I was cooking noodles with tomato sauce for dinner and we went to bed not far after that.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do. I love my camera and I love how great the pictures turn out. This was only half of our vacation, so there are another two posts coming. I am looking really forward to that.

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