Hot Car Rides & A Day of Relaxing I Italy Days 1 & 2

Day 1
Let me start this post by telling you driving in a small, black car with no air conditioning on the hottest day of summer is no fun. If you don´t drive in your own car, make sure that the car has air conditioning! After I don´t know how many hours of sweating and being stuck in traffic we finally reached our destination: A little town called Gardola in the community of Tignale at the north of Lake Garda.

We had rented an apartment for the week and it was connected to the Hotel Gallo. The apartment was exactly the way I want my future apartment to be like - so modern and light and just the right amount of space. The staff in the Hotel was the sweetest and friendliest I have ever met and we got free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby - the main reason why we had so much contact with the staff.

On the first day - a saturday - we got there in the afternoon and just decided to sit down in a café and enjoy a nice Italian coffee - yummy and a bargain! Afterwards we unpacked and checked out the view from the hotel balcony. We also had a look and a little swim in the pool which was really nice. Because we´re total clichés we had dinner at this cute pizza place that I don´t remember the name of. It was totally delicious though, I will never eat non-italian pizza again!

Day 2

The next day we were still pretty struck from the car ride. After breakfast we strolled a bit through Gardola. We saw this really cute dog that I wanted to steel and went up to the local church where there was an amazing view. A little grocery shopping was necessary afterwards and then we girls - namely my mom, my sister and me - just chilled in our apartment. Dad wandered down the hill in the mean time and checked out the beach that belonged to Tignale.

Just in the evening my sister and I decided that we would take a small walk through Gardola again to see how it looks at night. The whole town is so great at night. There are lanterns everywhere and the flowers seem darker. It is such a great atmosphere. You can see the lights of so many towns across the Lake Garda which is an amazing view.

The first days we didn´t do really much but we took a bunch of pictures either way. There´s a lot more views and amazing pictures coming your way in the next posts!


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    1. Of course it´s a hugo. I love drinking those in the summer.
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