Beauty Holiday Essentials & FOTD

I already showed you my random Travel Essentials right at the start of this month and I thought it would be time for some beauty essentials. You could also count them as my favorites for the last one and a half months.

First things first: skincare. I am still so in love with my Vichy Normaderm Moisturizer. I did a full review on it here and it´s definitely been essential for every day. It´s kept my skin quite clear and really well nourished. Instead of using foundation which takes long to apply evenly and often feels quite heavy I use a BB-cream. This one is the Maybelline Jade Dream Pure 8-in-1 BB Cream with salicyl acid in light. I really enjoy using this. It feels really light on my skin and covers most of my blemishes. It just makes your skin looks very even and gives it a nice subtle glow. I still use powder as I like my skin to be quite matte.

Eye make up is always weird when being on vacation. I don´t want to do too much but I also don´t want to do nothing. Often I just turn to plain mascara but if I´ve got a minute more I like to use my Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette. It´s kind of similar to the Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette - if I may say that without owning it. It has all neutral shades in it you need to create a basic eye make up. I can´t find any fall out when wearing this and it is really easy to blend. The only thing I don´t love about it is that all shades are glittery. For a matte look I really love the Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner in dark brown. It´s the kind of deep brown that makes my green eyes shine. I like to smudge it all out so that it only gives a subtle brown to my lash line. This kohl liner is amazingly smooth and stays on without any problem or further smudging.

As with eye make up lipsticks and lipglosses are often way too heavy for a nice vacation day. I love my Mabelline Baby Lips Lip Balms instead. I own the shades Peach Kiss and Cherry Me. They are really moisturising and nourishing and give some color to my lips at the same time. It´s this your lips but better look and I love it.

I don´t really like to wear any perfume on holiday unless I am really going out to dinner or a party. Having bought my first body mist from Hollister a few days before my first vacation Crescent Bay has been my favorite. I am not going to try to describe the smell as I would suck at that but it´s definitely a quite heavy and sweet scent. I have been wanting one of the Hollister body mists for a really long time and I was not disappointed. The scents doesn´t last for ages but I really like it. And re-applying it is not problem after a few hours.

To give you an example of how I am walking around on vacation I thought I would take some pictures of my face of the day using the products I mentioned here. I really like the subtle and simple look of it. I love how I really get a focus on my eyes with only three steps. I used a darker shade of the palette in my crease and the lightest one in the inner corner. Then I just lined the lower lasline and half of the upper lashline with the kohl kajal and smudged it out. I am even going to work like this - when I am not on vacation obviously -  as I am just a very lazy person early in the morning.

I don´t know if I did tell you anything new with this post as I already mentioned most of the products at least once before on this blog. That just tells you how much I actually love them, doesn´t it?

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