A Whole Lot Of Water I Bulgaria Part I

My first trip this summer was to Bulgaria. This also marks the first vacation without my parents that´s longer than a weekend. Yay! There´s not much to tell you about each day, so this isn´t going to be your average vacation diary kind of blog post. I thought I´d sort the pictures I had into 8 categories and tell you a bit about each one. Just as a not before the pictures: they are such crappy quality as I took them with throw-away camera(s). I didn´t want to get my DSLR stolen.

1. Flights
The easiest way to get from Germany to Bulgaria is via airplane. I haven´t been on a flight since I was five and I was pretty scared - what a nice way to say I almost ran out of the airplane crying. In the end, it was better than I expected and I was acutally pretty calm during the flight home. I can now accept this as a way of fast travel. I was pretty surprised how fast time went by at the airport. Two hours suddenly don´t seem too long and the staff was always friendly.

2. First Impressions & Shopping
To describe Sunny Beach in one word, I´d probably go for: crowded. You won´t believe how many people are there! The little shops were filled all the time and you could barely put one foot in front of the other around the promenade. There were clubs and bars at every corner  and people outside talking you into buying overpriced tickets. The best things about the promenade were definitely the ice cream sold there - so many flavors to pick from and so delicious - and all the little shops. We did quite some shopping as we just constantly fell in love with everything and it was just so inexpensive.

3. Beach
We were staying at Sunny Beach so a good bit of beach time was on our schedule as well. The water was so incredibly clear and such a gorgeous turqouise shade. The sand was pretty clear yellow as well and so very hot. Somehow our umbrella seemed to be falling down every ten seconds while everyone else´s was just staying still. Though it was annoying I was pretty grateful for its shadow. I loved reading and relaxing at the beach where everything just seems to be perfect. Funny enough, my best friend and I both decided to read Divergent on the beach. That must have looked great from the outside. I think the beach is probably the most relaxing place on earth. Getting a bit of a tan is a great bonus as well.

4. Waterpark
My best friend and I would choose the day we spent at the waterpark as our favorite day of the whole vacation. All the slides were amazing and so much fun. Nothing beats a slide with floating tires! I have no real knowledge of how fast/big slides need to be, I can only say that they looked cool and were a lot of fun. The sun was shining non-stop which made me get a pretty bad sunburn, but who cares about stuff like that when you have so much fun? We had delicious corn as lunch and almost tried all slides there were. If you are ever in Sunny Beach, make sure to check out the Action Aquapark. They also offer a free shuffle bus to and from the park.

That´s the first part of my vacation, it was already incredible at this point! But we also did so much more. There are some more fun pictures coming your way.

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