A Whole Lot of Party I Bulgaria Part II

There are still four categories missing from my Bulgaria vacation. I already told you about the flights, the promenade, the beach and the waterpark in the first part right here. Here comes the other four categories.

5. Partying
Obviously, Sunny Beach is known for its parties and clubs and bars and as newly adults we couldn´t stop ourselves from attending them most of the nights. I think we passed only two nights and missed the clubs on another two. The funny thing was that we could get into the clubs for free if we stayed with our (super cool) tourguide. He would also show us a different bar each evening. We went into Disco Orange, Lazur, Iceberg and Revolution. The clubs are loud and full of drunk people. If partying is your thing, it´s practically perfect. The prices are reasonable with 5 -15 Leva for regurlar entry, everyone is having a good time and the clubs ar big. My best friend and I did  enjoy the special parties like the NeonSplash or the foam party in Lazur  especially, the normal clubs were rather boring to us.

6. Boat trip
I love, love, love boat trips. So when we heard about this Partyboat with a free bar and a slide into the open water we couldn´t resist. Sadly, this was just a huge disappointment. The free bar only included soft drinks, Sangria and beer while they were also offering so much more for unreasonable prices. You couldn only get into the water through a really unstable slide and only could stay there for a few seconds until you had to get out again. Also you had to sign off that you couldn´t sue the host for any injuries due to the open swimming. I think most people were really enjoying the party going on afterwards but we didn´t really. It was way too overcrowded and just not our thing. Unfortunately, there also weren´t enough places to sit and relax as soon as the party started. We could have spent that day better. At least, we did enjoy the view and were able to take some amazing pictures.

7. Football
If you know me, you know that I kind of hate football. I just don´t see the real sense of watching it, for me it´s just boring. But the Worldcup is something everyone gets excited about. I didn´t think Germany would get through the first round but somehow we managed to become Worldchampions. How that happened still isn´t clear for me. During the game against Argentina and Brazil we were in Sunny Beach and our boys couldn´t not watch it. A lot of the bars were screening it with German commentaries as most tourists were German but we went to the one purely German bar called PartyHütte. The atmosphere was amazing though it didn´t make the game any less boring. I think it was worth seeing it though.

8. Nessebar
Last but not least, my best friend and I took the bus to Nessebar. Nessebar is the next bigger town to Sunny Beach and it also has a really gorgeous old city with a lot of ruins. There were shops and little streets everywhere. We found so many gorgeous bracelets and little gifts for our families there. The view was amazing and we both said it would be a dream to live right there. The ruins are definitely worth checking out  if you´re just a tad interested in such things. I can´t really express how amazing it was to see all of this, so if you can have a look yourself.

That was all of the useable pictures I took. It was a really fun vacation where we also managed to squeeze in a bit of culture. We partied a bit more than we expected ourselves to but that´s just fine. Also the cocktails there were not only amazingly inexpensive but also so delicious. Going on vacation with a tourguide also had the advantage of having someone to talk to if any questions appeared - besides the free clubs of course.

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