A Very Fairy Day

Yesterday I was visiting the Cranger Kirmes with two of my best friends. Cranger Kirmes is the second biggest funfair in Germany which takes place in the city of Herne. I think this is just in line with the other travel posts that will be following during this month, so enjoy.

Remember this guy? 

Cranger Kirmes is said to be "the most overcrowded fair of the world" (wikipedia thinks so) and I would definitely say so as well. There were a lot of people there. I do think that this is what creates such an amazing atmosphere. Everyone was smiling and having fun.

I am not much of a ride person as most of them make me sick or just scare me. We did take a ride in the ferris wheel because that´s a must - and to kind of see where was what. The view was sick, I mean it. I coudn´t believe how big the whole funfair is. The bumper car ride was just so much fun as well as the waterslide ride. It´s funny how scared I was to go on the waterslide ride and in the end it was so much fun - though I had wobbly legs thanks to adrenaline. We also did see this robot dance guy again. He was doing his robot dance when us three were in Munster on a fair there at the start of summer, read full post on it here. There were so many rides that everyone can find at least one he/she enjoys!

We had so much fun and if you have any fair near to you while it´s still summer, don´t hesitate. Even when it started to rain yesterday, it couldn´t stop us from having fun and visiting the Bavarian beer tent which was just as much fun. 

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