Summer Recap

Sadly, the summer is almost over now. I don´t know what the weather is like where you are but in Germany August wasn´t really summer anymore. At the start of summer I wrote a post called My Summer To-Do List, click to read it here, and I thought a good way to look back on my summer was by crossing the things off that I did.

Meeting The Stars at Madame Tussauds

I can cross so many stars off of my bucket list and all thanks to a little trip to Madame Tussauds. Okay, I am kidding. I know their made from wax and their not real. It was still cool to see how detailed the stars were made. I was kind of scared that some of them would jump up and begin to move, that´s how realistic they were.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour

When I was in London with two of my best friends I took the opportunity we had. We went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It´s going to be a longer post so you may want to grab yourself a cup of your favorite warm beverage and some snacks. Warning: This post will contain lots of spoilers; if you want to visit the studios without knowing many things before it, then come back to this post after you´ve been there. Otherwise, continue.

So Much Shopping & Sights At Night II London Part 2

As you will have seen yesterday, I had an amazing first two days in London. But that isn´t the end of it. We still had two more days for more adventures.

Sightseeing & HP Dates II London Part 1

Nele, Me & Eileen

My London Haul and my London Lookbook probably were tiny hints that I was on a trip to London. Before I get into the post, I want to introduce to you two of the most amazing companions in the world. We have Nele (to my right) and Eileen (to my left) here and I think we went from being three individual fangirls to one mixed fangirl. I haven´t laughed that much in such a short time for a while. I love you two, you made it really incredible! And now off to telling you all something about the trip.

London Lookbook

As I still haven´t sorted through all the pictures I took in London, I thought I would just show you a little lookbook of the four outfits I wore in London. I wish I could say it was all summery when we were there but even though I saw some people wearing shorts I stayed with my long jeans. I think I would wear all of the outfits for autumn as well.

London Haul

I am back for roughly a week now from London and there will be posts about that trip really soon - just have to sort out the 1700 pictures I took first. I thought it would be fun to show you all the stuff I bought in London and I bought a lot.

Not So Small Cokes & A Lot of Churches II Munich Part II

Looking back through the pictures we took, I had a feling we took more in Munich, but somehow we didn´t. I already shared the first part of Munich with you yesterday - here - and here´s the second day now.

Sunny Weather & Forgotten Curlers II Munich Part I

Driving from the west of Germany to Italy is definitely not the shortest way to make for a holiday. We figured having a weekend stop in Munich and parting the journey in two parts would be way better - why we drove the whole way back in one part is still a mystery to me. I just had to show Munich to you guys as well.

Beauty Holiday Essentials & FOTD

I already showed you my random Travel Essentials right at the start of this month and I thought it would be time for some beauty essentials. You could also count them as my favorites for the last one and a half months.

No Olaf & Loads of Sweets I Italy Days 5, 6 & 7

Day 5: Verona
The last three days of Italy before we took a 15 hour car ride home were just the perfect mixture of sightseeing and relaxing.

Lemon Ice Cream in Limone & Amazing Views I Italy Days 3 & 4

Day 3: Limone
There wasn´t much happening in the last Italy post but that will change today. After a day of car rides and a day of relaxing we had enough motivation built up to see some other towns.

Hot Car Rides & A Day of Relaxing I Italy Days 1 & 2

Day 1
Let me start this post by telling you driving in a small, black car with no air conditioning on the hottest day of summer is no fun. If you don´t drive in your own car, make sure that the car has air conditioning! After I don´t know how many hours of sweating and being stuck in traffic we finally reached our destination: A little town called Gardola in the community of Tignale at the north of Lake Garda.

Summer Reading

The summer is almost over, just this month still to go. I can hear you all internally screaming `Noooooo!´ Believe me, I feel the same. I´ve been seeing this kind of blog post everywhere recently and I thought it would be fun to share with you what I read throughout the summer.

A Whole Lot of Party I Bulgaria Part II

There are still four categories missing from my Bulgaria vacation. I already told you about the flights, the promenade, the beach and the waterpark in the first part right here. Here comes the other four categories.

A Whole Lot Of Water I Bulgaria Part I

My first trip this summer was to Bulgaria. This also marks the first vacation without my parents that´s longer than a weekend. Yay! There´s not much to tell you about each day, so this isn´t going to be your average vacation diary kind of blog post. I thought I´d sort the pictures I had into 8 categories and tell you a bit about each one. Just as a not before the pictures: they are such crappy quality as I took them with throw-away camera(s). I didn´t want to get my DSLR stolen.

A Very Fairy Day

Yesterday I was visiting the Cranger Kirmes with two of my best friends. Cranger Kirmes is the second biggest funfair in Germany which takes place in the city of Herne. I think this is just in line with the other travel posts that will be following during this month, so enjoy.

Travel Essentials

Hi there internet friends.

It´s the first of August and that does not only mean that I am starting my Month of Travel over here, but it´s also the time of the month when everyone talks about their favorites. What a perfect time to tell you about my travel favorites.

sunglasses - bulgaria/primark; headphones - samsung/phillips; sunscreen - balea sun dance/nivea; hat - bulgaria; easy acc spare battery; hair clips - primark; hair oil - schauma; flip flops - tamaris

We all forgot our headphones once or twice while being on a train journey - if not, lucky you! It´s the most annoying thing in the world especially when you need to sit for at least an hour or more. I have found two pairs extremely handy this past month. The big ones are great for train journeys or flights as you can still hear a bit of the things around you. You want to know when to get off the train or when the pilot says something. The small ones are perfect for car rides with limited space and the possibility to sleep leaning against the window.

To keep busy during the journey magazines are perfect. I mostly prefer reading blogs over magazines but if you drive/fly out of your own country you might not have internet. Magazines are also perfect for catching up with the latest things in Hollywood or to get inspiration from for blog posts. In the end, you can always use them as probs for your pictures. Another thing I couldn´t go on vacation without is my spare battery. This thing is a life saver. Once it´s fully charged it can charge two phones or one tablet. That means you don´t have to watch out how much battery your phone has still left, amazing!

The one thing you don´t want to deal with while on vacation are sore feet. Therefore comfortable shoes that have a great quality are life savers. I adore my Tamaris flip flops which I got last year in summer but those are not really good for sightseeing - blisters ahead. I bought new sandals from New Yorker which are my new favorite shoes as they are so comfortable and good looking at the same time. Sunglasses are also necessary on every trip. I currently own five pairs of sunglasses, so I have one fitting for each outfit I might be wearing. It´s self-explanatory why sunglasses are necessary, isn´t it?

For any summer vacation sun protectant is necessary. We all know it but we don´t really like it. Sometimes even I think that skipping this step one might not be the worst but it really is. I´ve found the Nivea one really handy as it is a spray on that you rub in afterwards. My skin doesn´t feel sticky at all after this and it´s waterproof. I use a Balea mattifying one for my face and a lip balm with SPF for my lips which i also really like. I have also fallen in love with this hat that I got in Bulgaria. I love the look of it and it protects my head from the sun whenever I spend a day out window shopping on vacation.

Lastly, my hair is one thing I am always concerned about on vacation. Changes in the air especially with the sea salt in it damage my hair badly. The hat comes in handy here as well. I got into using a hair oil on vacation to avoid looking like a wild lion. This one is by Schauma and it has really protected my hair from the salty air. I also like to use this hair clips from Primark to get my hair out of my face when it´s windy or for putting make up on. They don´t cost much but they are really strong ones. I love them.

These are my favorite things to take on vacation with me and I can say that I´ve used them a lot this past month. There´s going to be a whole blog post on my beauty essentials at a later point this month, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Have a wonderful day