"X" by Ed Sheeran

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I am late to the party again, aren´t I? I just recently - more like four days ago- remembered that Ed Sheeran´s new album came out a while ago. Oops. But that can´t stop me from getting obsessed.

My initial thought when I heard that Ed was releasing his new album in spring/summer was "Does that make sense?". Normally, I´d put Ed´s music more in autumn and winter when you can snuggle up next to a fireplace and drink hot cocoa while listening. For me, in summer I want more happy music that makes me dance around the house for no reason. Funny enough, I totally see me listening to X the whole summer long.

To be honest, I haven´t heard all of Ed´s earlier albums, so don´t criticize me if what I say next is wrong. I feel like this album is a bit louder than his earlier songs. More of the songs have a more danceable rhythm to them - for example "Don´t" or "Sing", two of my favorites. Of course, there are also the slow, melancholic songs on it that you want to sing along or just lie in bed to - like "Photograph" or "Tenerife Sea".

I like not only Ed´s voice - which is perfect for the kind of songs he sings- I also love his lyrics. They are so thoughtful and so full of stylistic devices that you can only see if you look really closely. The pictures he paints with his music and his words are so vivid and so full of bright colors that I actually wish to close my eyes and see what he sings.

I can´t really decide which song is my favorite, but "Tenerife Sea" and "Photograph" are close to the top. But then again I also love "Nina" and "Runaway". "Thinking Out Loud" was my first love of the album - and also the first song I heard from it - and "Shirtsleeves" and "I See Fire" are beautiful. I can only say that "Take it Back" and "The Man" are not on my first place. I love the choruses of both, but I am not so much enjoying the rap part. Still I am getting used to it. The more I listen to both songs, the more I like them. Maybe I´ll love them this time next week.

Some may argue that the songs sound very similar to each other but I´d disagree with that. After a few seconds into the song I can always distinguish which one it is. At last in every chorus they sound so different and all of them tell a different story with a different melody. Every melody therefore paints a different picture. I´d say people who argue like that just haven´t listened closely to the whole album.

I am in no way an expert for anything music, this all is just how I feel about this album. I will now put some money aside to buy a ticket to one of Ed´s concerts in Germany next autumn. I would really suggest you have a look at this album. Some of the songs might take a while to like them, but I guess almost everyone can relate to at least one of his songs. You´d miss out if you wouldn´t find this one song.

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