Workout Challenges - The Result

Hi there internet friends.

Almost exactly a month ago I told you that I had started two 30 Days Workout Challenges, one for my thighs and one for my abs. I did it! Can I get a round of applause for that?

It was getting so much harder to do in the end as I did lack my motivation and the whole thing almost took up an hour in total. I didn´t expect it to be that long in the end. I think at the start you don´t realise what those numbers really mean. There is almost no exercise that doesn´t take at least the length of two songs now. I still did it and I am really proud of myself for that.

In the end I´ve almost lost 8 centimetres around my belly and more than 3 centimeters at my thighs. That´s insane! I started with an extent of 82.6 centimetres at the heigh of my belly button and ended with 74.5 centimetres. I couldn´t believe it when I first saw the number. The extent of my thighs was 63.2 centimetres at the beginning and now it is 60 centimetres. I can feel that the area of them touching has gotten smaller and it feels so good. The thing that didn´t change is the difference of my sucked in belly and the bloated belly, it´s still 2.5 centimetres. To see it realistically, how would the bloating become less because of new muscles?

The exercises were almost exactly as I thought they´d be. I thought that scissors looked quite cool and it´s still my favorite exercise; I thought that the plank was going to be rough and I still hate it. But they are all easy exercises that you can do at home without any extra gear and that´s great. I would suggest that you look up how to do them right before starting the challenge though. You can get extra tips many videos on Youtube as to what you have to pay attention to. You don´t really want to hurt your body because you´ve done an exercise wrong.

The only downside to this is that the ab challenge isn´t training your back . You might wonder why an ab challenge should train your back, but it´s a really important point. If you have loads of abs and a weak back you will only be able to stand bent -  like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I did just add a few exercises for my back into that routine. You could also just start a 30 Days Back Challenge at the same time.

I would definitely do this again anytime and I will try to continue on this path. I want to come up with a ten minute circle that I can do once or twice a day and I´ve gotten the inspiration for that from these challenges. 

Have a wonderful day

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