Vichy Normaderm Moisturiser Review

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As you all know I have really bad skin. I get blemishes and spots all the time and I always have a ton of these tiny spots that aren´t real spots but just make your skin uneven. I might have found a solution now.

When my skin started being that bad I used a moisturiser by La Rouche Posey that my dermatologist recommended for me. After a while I noticed that it didn´t do much more for my skin than any cheap moisturiser from the drugstore, so I stuck with the cheap alternative. That was until I got a free sample of the Vichy Normaderm Moisturiser at my local pharmacy.

The Normaderm products are said to be the number 1 for bad skin. This moisturiser even promises better skin within seven days. With salicyl acid, glycolic acid and LHA as its ingredients the moisturiser helps to regenerate skin cells. There are no parabens in it and it is free of comodogenics. Also it has been tested dermatologic and is useable for dry and sensitive skin. On the packaging it says that the moisturiser has a hydrating care and is anti-imperfections.

First of all, I love the simple packaging in white and green. The tub feels really stable in my hand and not at all cheap. The lid closes solidly and it hasn´t fallen off yet though it was in my make up bag in a suitcase. With it´s 50 ml inside the tub is also small enough to fit in any bag. The best thing about it is the pump. I´ve just recently read that any kind of exposure to light and air can reduce the effect of a moisturiser and touching more of the cream than you use at once is even worse. None of these things can happen with that packaging. 

I use the moisturiser for day and night. I only need half a pump to cover my face and my neckline. I don´t feel the hydrating care at first as the cream is not as smudgy as other hydrating moisturisers, but I also never feel my skin tighten after using it. The moisturiser sinks into my skin in seconds, there´s no waiting before I can apply foundation and no white streams left - amazing!

 I can tell you that this is making my skin really soft and is really helping with my imperfections. I wake up and my skin looks better than ever every morning. The tiny blemishes are almost gone and also the scars I have left from old spots are slowly going away. Also my forehead isn´t as read anymore. I think that I have gotten less spots in general since I started using this moisturiser.

I am pretty sure that it´s not any other product that is suddenly working on my skin. My skin got better when I tried the moisturiser first. After I squeezed the last bit out of my sample I switched back to my old moisturiser for just half a week and my skin got worse again until I bough a full size bottle of  the Normaderm Moisturizer. Of course, drinking three litres of water a day has also helped a bit with my skin.

I love everything about this moisturiser and if you have bad skin full of imperfectios as I do, I would suggest you try it out. I am totally amazed by this moisturiser - if you couldn´t already tell. You should be able to get this in any pharmacy or wherever they sell Vichy products in your country. Go and get a sample - or the full size product - for yourself. Your skin will thank you.

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