Summer Whites & Metallics

Hi there internet friends.

Over the last few weeks I have barely looked into my closet. I mostly just went out in shorts and a plain top or in the clothes I have to wear to work. But packing my suitcase for my first summer vacation made look deep into the clothes hanging in my wardrobe and voila! I fell in love with this dress all over again.

Dress - Primark

Belt - Gifted (Mom), Earrings - Primark, Necklace - Bijou Brigitte, Knuckle Rings - H&M

Shoes - H&M

I remember buying the dress last autumn in Primark´s summer sale for just a few bucks. I loved the simple look that is so easy to style and the little metallic details around the neckline. I did already own the perfect pair of earrings for this dress and just couldn´t resist. I have never worn it before but I turned into a dress kind of girl this summer and this will come with me on every trip this summer.

I really enjoy the soft texture of this dress. It´s neither stiff nor really flow-y which makes it really interesting. The white color looks gorgeous on tanned skin which I luckily still got from my first trip. The zipper on the backside gives it a really nice touch. The length of it is just fitting my legs to cover the bit I really don´t like and to reveal the rest of my - long -  legs. A pair of heels - even just one inch - make my legs look even better in this dress.

As mentioned, it is really easy to style and I opted for simple black heels, black sunglasses, a few knuckle rings and small earrings. That´s all you need for a perfect summer look and you can already find all the accessoires in your stash. All I am missing is a big bracelet with a metallic shimmer... You could also go a bid bolder and add a red lip or a neon bag/pair of shoes for a pop of color. That would look really nice for an evening out in the summer.

I will now go and explore a bit of Italy in this outfit.
Have a wonderful day


  1. I really like this dress because of its simplicity :) It's a perfect everyday summer dress.

    Yazmin xx

    1. Thank you! Those were exactly my thoughts when I saw it. Sadly, I spilled something on it and couldn´t take it with me to Italy. meh. Can´t wait for another summer day to wear this again!
      xx Lisa

  2. Thanks for sending over the link on twitter! This is a gorgeous outfit. At first sight the dress is super simple, but then I noticed the details on the shoulder and how you paired it with the necklace and the belt. Very pretty overall. :)

    Olivia xxx Beauty from the Fjord

    1. Thank you for commenting! I love this outfit for its simplicity and on-second-glance details.
      xx Lisa


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