New Instagram Account

Hi there internet friends.

If you follow me on Twitter - which you definitely should, @Following_Lisa - you will have already noticed that I now got an Instagram account. Yay!

I had some trouble finding a username that wasn´t already in use at first. Even names such as "f0ll0wing_Lisa_Blog_offical" were already taken - really?! Come on! I almost gave up on the whole idea though I really wanted to get an account. However, I tried it one last time after I got back from Bulgaria and it worked without an problems. I guess the new update has made the difference

You can now find me at followinglisa

I only had it for a few days now and I am already obsessed. How did I survive without this platform?! Obviously, I still need more people to follow and am looking for some new followers. So leave me your links in the comments. I am excited to see all your pretty pictures!

Have a wonderful day

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