NeonSplash! Party

Hi there internet friends.

I am back! Well, technically you should not have noticed my absence as I did schedule posts for the week of my trip, but it has been a week since I sat down in front of my laptop and wrote a blog post. I really thought this would feel weird or something but it only feels so natural and right. I didn´t even realize I missed this so much.

Of course you can expect a post about the whole trip as I did a lot of fun things. However, my best friend and I bought tickets for a very special party that I want to dedicate a whole post to. We went to a NeonSplash Party.

We didn´t know much about this kind of party. Our tour guide said something about it being like a Holi Festival only with fluid colors but we´ve never been to a Holi Festival either. It sounded like a lot of fun either way, so we bought our tickets. In expectation of getting cool looking shirts that we could keep as a souvenir we dressed in white shirts and plain shorts. We were not disappointed!

Sadly, the whole color thing did not start before half past two in the morning. We got to the Disco Orange around midnight and still had to wait so long. The party itself wasn´t much fun. The music was too loud - I did have a ringing in the ears the whole day after -  the people were too drunk, too many guys tried to hit on us and did not understand that we didn´t want to dance with them. All in all, we were pretty disappointed and thought we might want to leave before the whole thing did even really start.

Once the countdown on the walls only showed a few seconds left before the neon started all of this was forgotten. It got to be one of the best parties ever. Everyone was buying bottled fluid neon colors and smearing them on people. We resisted buying colors ourselves but there were so many guys just throwing color on us or offering the color they still had on their hands or in their hair to us. I got so many high fives and hugs just to exchange color and it was so much fun. Everyone was just laughing and was suddenly just so damn friendly.

The color dried really quickly on the skin and clothes and did not sink through the jacket I put over my shorts to protect them. It was unpleasent to move my arm after the color had dried as I had a little sunburn but my best friend had nothing to complain about it. When we got to our hotel we could peel most of the dried color off of our skin, but we decided to take a shower instead. It was really easy to get the color off. I didn´t even need to rub it off, it just went with the water. Even my hair was clear of color after the shower.

All in all, I would recommend this kind of party for everyone. It was so much fun and I really have a souvenir T-Shirt now. You might just want to get there a bit later if you know that the color starts rather late. The disco is responsible for how loud the music and the concept of the party isn´t responsible for the drunk people being there, so these two aspects shouldn´t bother you. You can find the next NeonSplash Party next to you via their website. I will definitely keep this in mind as the Best.Party.Ever.

Have a wonderful day

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