My Summer Dish: Frozen Yogurt

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Summer is supposed to be the best time to lose weight as we are less hungry when it´s hot. Let´s be real: Summer is the worst time to lose weight, there´s ice cream everywhere! I can´t resist ice cream for long. There´s only one thing in the world to keep me from ordering ice cream every single day: Frozen Yogurt, the healthier and more expensive alternative. I´ve now found the perfect way to make it at home for way less than what you´d pay normally.

In the late summer last year I found thousands of recipes for Frozen Yogurt. Unfortunately, they all were using an ice cream maker which I don´t own. I had almost given up on every making Frozen Yogurt at home when I found a few recipes that didn´t use such a fancy machine. I checked it today again and there were many more but I still thought I´d share my take at it with you.

You will need:

250g Joghurt

30g Icing sugar
a teaspoon of Vanilla sugar


Vanilla syrup
Vanilla Bean
Lemon juice
Melted Chocolate

Basically, you put the joghurt into a bowl and stirr it until it´s creamy. How long that takes depends wether you use a whisk or rely on the strenght of your hands. You then gently add in the icing sugar, the vanilla sugar and the vanilla bean - not as a whole, of course - and softly mix it together. When it´s all mixed you have the basic recipe done.

There are an infinite number of variations that you can create. After having done the basic recipe you can add in whatever you like. I often go for the vanilla/lemon option as I like the way it´s sweet and sour in just the right way. For that I just add in vanilla syrup and lemon juice and stirr it again until it´s all mixed. You could also add any kind of mashed fruits or fruit puree if you´d like that. Any other kind of fruit juice would also be possible. For when I am having sweet cravings I like to add in melted chocolate or cookie crumbles - or both!

The creamy mixture must be put into the freezer now. It should take about 3 - 5 hours until it has the perfect consistency. You need to stirr it around every 15 - 20 minutes to prevent cristals from building up. Those are ruining the creaminess of the Frozen Yogurt and we want it to be creamy as hell. Just set a timer and watch your favorite show, write/read a blogpost or pack you suitcase, it sounds like more work that it is.

As many options as there are for the Frozen Yogurt itself, there are much more for toppings. You can basically go for anything you´d like. I am mostly going for any kind of fruits when I am feeling healthy and for marshmallow when I need to calm my inner sweettooth. But you don´t need to stick to that. Just experiment and create your own favorite version of this. Have fun and go with your gut.

Have a wonderful day

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