Month of Travel

Hi there internet friends.

If I´d say that I wasted my summer I would be lying badly. I´ve been travelling a lot the past month and still have a trip to London ahead of me - I am so excited! Travelling equals a lot of car rides if you don´t want to sit by the pool everday - or have a hotel in a really small town, like we did. I don´t know if I am just a crazy person or if anyone else has really great ideas while sitting in a car and staring out of the window. This one was one of these ideas.

I am dedicating the whole of August to travelling. Most of the posts will be about the trips that I took part in, for example Italy and Bulgaria. But I don´t want to bore you, so I also have some beauty posts planned to mix things up a bit. There are still a few spots free for the month and I would like to know which kind of posts you want to see surrounding the topic of travel.

I know that this is not everyone´s cup of tea, so I wanted to give you a little heads up. If you don´t enjoy me talking about my trips or picture heavy blog posts, come back in September for a little surprise - blog anniversary is all I´m saying.

I just wish that I had this idea sooner to get you more involved with it. I´m sorry about that but you can´t hurry genius ideas, can you? I do hope that most of you will stay with me and that maybe you are as excited as I am about this project.

Have a wonderful day

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