Kiko Universal Fit Foundation - Review

Hi there internet friends.

I seem to be failing at buying just the right mascara for me. Either it´s the color or the formula that is wrong for me. I have finally found the perfect color, but with the Kiko Universal Fit Foundation the formula just doesn´t seem to be right for my skin. 

It´s a fluid foundation that is also supposed to moisturize your skin and have a long lasting texture to wear all through the day without touching up. The coverage is described as excellent. The foundation is formulated to ensure minimun instance of allergic reactions. I can say that all of that is true. But something just doesn´t add up with my skin. I have quite a normal skin with a quite oily t-zone that easily gets spots.

Let´s start on the outside though. The packaging is really easy on the eye and the foundation can easily be squeezed out of it. It is highly pigmented and definitely has a medium to high coverage depending on how red your spots are. It is easy to squeeze out too much product as only a minimum amount is needed for the whole face. The foundation has a really liquid formula which makes it easy to apply. It also feels soft on the skin and is really light - perfect for summer. I haven´t found that I had any allergic reactions to this foundation but I also can´t say that it has really moisturised my skin.

Unfortunately, the foundation doesn´t sink into my skin. It just stays on top of it and gets patchy after a few hours. Even though the brightest color exactly matches my skin I can´t build up the coverage as it soon gets too beige for me. The worst part for me is that the foundation makes my t-zone really shiny after just half an hour. I can´t re-apply powder every half hour. If it wasn´t for those things this foundation would be perfect for me!

All in all, if you have dry to normal skin this foundation will be the best catch for you. If you do have oily spots like me, you should stay away from it and maybe try out a foundation with an oil-base as these have been working really well for me. 

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