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Hi there internet friends.

The sun and I have been having an on-off-relationship over the past few weeks. Sometimes she´s there and sometimes she´s just gone. For the past couple of days she was gone and I thought putting on bright nail colors would maybe help me to get her back. It kind of worked - at least she peaks out of the clouds every now and then today.

Due to the stress I had in the last few weeks my nails don´t look their best - I blame revision and finals for this. They suffered almost as much as I did. Luckily, painting them will also help me to stop nibbling.

I used a quick drying bright red nail polish from Manhattan as my base (it doesn´t say which color it is). I borrowed this from my sister as I don´t own any orange nail polish. I really like this color, it´s so bright and so rich. As a nail effect I used the Manhattan Lotus Effect in 10S on my thumb nail and my ringfinger. I bought this polish originally or New Year´s Eve but I think this kind of glitter isn´t limited to the colder months. It reminds me of the sun reflecting from the sea.

The whole thing ended up looking a bit arabic, which I didn´t expect, but I just went with it. I am really happy with this look and will now enjoy a whole week with it - if it stays on that long. It really reminds me of summer and the sun and I love the little sparkle on my thumb. It´s perfect for this time of the year.

Have a wonderful day

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