Have you seen this? #3

Hi there internet friends.

It´s been a long, long time since I showed you some Youtube videos that I think anyone should have seen. If I remember correctly (looked it up and I did!) the last one was around Easter. Look at us now! It´s summer and therefore I picked some summer themed videos you need to watch!

I thought there was no way I was going to love anything about Frozen as much as the actual film but this video changed my mind. It´s Olaf´s song "In Summer" re-created with real people and it is so funny! I don´t know why real people make it so much funnier, in the film itself I think it´s really cute and sweet. Maybe you should have seen Frozen before you watch this video, otherwise it might seem totally weird.

I am normally not a fan of those fails videos as I think people might have gotten hurt badly, but what would a summer be without people falling into pools? Also for me fails including water are more harmless as people normally don´t get hurt as badly. I really had to laugh out loud at most of these fails!

Just a video of super cute dogs and one cat having fun on the beach to Pharrel Williams "Happy". I don´t know either why you should watch it. Okay, I was being sarcastic. Of course you should watch it! It´s cuteness overload. I love happy dogs, they make me smile!

If you´ve ever been disappointed by something because your expectations were too high, this is the video for you! There´s so much truth in this video, it almost hurts. I just hope that my summer vacations are what I expect them to be. I don´t want to have the harsh reality. I know for sure that I won´t be sitting inside though and that I don´t want to have a party every night. Why would I when there´s so much to see and do in Bulgaria and Italy? I´ll let you know how it´s going when I am there.

Have a wonderful day

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