Haul Of Sins

Hi there internet friends.

As you might remember I did a massive haul at the start of summer  - click here to read part I and part II -  and said loud and clear that I wouldn´t need anything more this summer. Oh, how wrong I was. We went shopping the other day and I intended to not buy anything, but then the things were on sale and I couldn´t resist. Here we go, my list of sins I bought.

First off I bought a pretty basic t-shirt. The fabric is just so soft and I think this will be easy to style. I love how it´s not plain grey but is this mixture of white, grey and black. Then I also bought this bikini top in the sale because it´s just exactly what I´ve been looking for. It´s the exact same color and style I wanted and it also has strings to attach to it - perfect!

I fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw it. It´s not my usual style, but I´ve seen so many people wear skirts like this and I love the outfit you can create with it. It also has the perfect length which is always difficult for me. I don´t like th upper half of my thighs, but this skirt covers them and just shows my legs from the point were I like them. Fitting to the skirt I also got this top. It is perfect to tug into the skirt and I can also wear it with plain shorts. The strings cross at the back which gives it a really interesting touch. 

My friends talked me into buying this red dress. I only wanted to try it on for the pure joy of it but they kept telling me how perfect it suited me and how beautiful I was in it - they said something about looking like Cleopatra. I had no other choice than to buy it. The long shirt will be used as my pjs. I only own one short PJ and that´s definitely not enough. I am also in love with New York City - even though I´ve never been there - so that was a no-brainer. I have no excuse for the jacket. I just thought it looked cute and I could see me wear it with shorts and a plain white shirt.  One item more or less doesn´t matter in the end, right?

Of course I also bought a few other things. I needed another pair of sandals as I only own ones with heels and ones with a toe seperator and neither of them are perfect for visiting a city on vacation. These are gorgeous and feel really comfortable. I also went with these flower boots. I normally wouldn´t wear them, but I´ve been feeling rather brave lately and also they are so comfortable. I´ve fallen in love with them.

I´ve been loving the scents by Hollister for years but always thought they were way too expensive. They had an offer to buy three pieces for  30€, so me and my friends got together and each bought a Crescent Bay Body Mist. Lastly, I also got Vanilla & Coconut scented candles, new knuckle rings and a flower crown - finally!

Even thought I feel quite quitly about it, I am also really happy with all the things I bought. But I do think that I don´t need anything else now. Luckily, autumn is coming soon. I can then justify some more shopping as I obviously don´t have enough clothes to survive autumn. haha.

Have a wonderful day


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  2. such a good haul! love that grey tee, perfect basic

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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