Childhood Memories #4

Hi there internet friends.

I just found these old pictures of myself at a friends birthday party back in 2007 on my parents´ computer. I had to share them with you.

On that birthday we climbed through a cave and judging by our clothes in the first picture it got dirty in there. I don´t particularly remember what the cave was like or how it felt walking through it, but I do remember that we went there - my brain works in mysterious ways. I am standing next to a really good friend of mine back in primary school. She´s just the sweetest girl and I can proudly say that I still know where she lives and that we are still in contact even thought it´s rare that we talk.

After the cave climbing we sat down in my friend´s garden - who´s also named Lisa - and gave her our presents, played some games and just hung out. I don´t remember the girls on the pictures as I only met them that day and never saw them again but it looks like we got along great. If I do remember one thing right we planned a bit of our future in that little notebook and childish as we were we painted the brightest pictures for ourselves. Our big smiles could be a hint for that. 

Guessing from all the pictures I have seen of that day, I´d say that I had a great time. Walking through mud and exploring caves/woods was totally my thing in primary school. Now I would prefer getting a facial.

Have a wonderful day


  1. Aww such cute photographs!

    1. Thank you! Is it okay if I say that I think they´re cute too (and that I was really, really cute)?
      xx Lisa


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