Childhood Memories #3

Hi there internet friends.

At the time that you are reading this, I will be sitting at the Bulgarian beach while enjoying a nice cocktail with the sun shining in the background. But for now I am sitting lonely at my desk staring out of the window into the grey sky and sorting through my pictures. Again I found some cute ones from when I was younger and I just remembered that I have gotten a whole book of them for my birthday. They´re gold!

From what I remember about this picture it has been taken during a perfomance of a musical when I was in primary school. I´ve had a thing for music, dancing and musicals since I was four years old, so it´s obvious that I took part in something like that. I think we performed the "Liederkalender" by Rolf Zuckowski. It´s a German kids musical that has a song for every month of the year. As far as I know there´s no real story behind it, but the songs are really, really cute. When I am feeling melancholic I like to listen to them.

Next to me are sitting two of my best friends from that time. Sadly, I am barely in contact with them now as we went to different secondary schools, but I think that I changed a lot since than and that it would be difficult to see them again. I think that´s the way friendships from primary school go unless you stay together through secondary school. 

Just look at how happy I am in these pictures! It´s definitely the thing that I love and I will never ever stop dancing or listening to music. I can´t get enough of my big laugh - if it would be only as cute now.

Have a wonderful day

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