Astor Seduction Codes Mascara - Review

Hi there internet friends.

We are all guilty of doing it: Buying things on a limp. Either we fall madly in love with the product or we regret our buy months later. For me the Astor Seduction Codes Mascara belongs to the second category.

I´ve been intrigued about this mascara since I saw an ad for it on tv. It is supposed to give you volume and definition to seduce every other human being on the planet. Who wouldn´t want that? On the packaging it says that a silk formula and the shaping brush catch all the lashes for a volumized and defined look. Still I hesitated. Just when I saw an offer to buy this mascara and get a free kohl kajal with it, I stopped thinking and just bought it.

Sadly, I´ve been only disappointed. The mascara isn´t waterproof which is always difficult with my lashes. I had hoped that maybe the formula would hold my eye lashes up but it doesn´t. After a few hours my lashes seem to fall down again. The brush is unusally shaped and definitely a big one but my hopes for perfectly defined lashes were crushed again. I find that the brush sticks my lashes more together than it defines them. That´s not the effect I was hoping for.

I find that the size of the brush is also a problem as I get mascara everywhere while trying to apply it. It is one of the most annoying things on earth. The mascara also crumbles or slips off of my lashes as the day goes by. If I don´t check my mascara regularly, I soon look like a racoon. This mostly happens when I apply it to my lower lashes.

In favor of this mascara, I have to say that it does give a really awesome volume to my lashes. It also adds a nice bit of length to them which I totally didn´t expect. I´ve also fallen in love with the packaging. It looks so sleek and noble with it´s shiny gold. It´s really light weight and does not feel cheap at all. I haven´t experienced any mascara sticking to the lid yet and I think this might never happen with this packaging.

I wouldn´t recommend this mascara for you if you have sturdy lashes that won´t stay curled or ones that need a fine brush to be seperated - or both. In any other case, go and have a try. Maybe use another mascara as a base and then use this to top your look off. Especially if you have quite small lashes this might help you to seduce your partner.

Have a wonderful day


  1. I've definitely bought things on a whim only to be disappointed. Sorry to hear this was one of those cases for you! At least the tube is pretty :P


    1. I´ll keep it a while just for the tube & because I can´t really justify throwing it away when I have barely used it. Maybe I´ll give it to my sister in a while ;)
      xx Lisa


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