Month of Travel

Hi there internet friends.

If I´d say that I wasted my summer I would be lying badly. I´ve been travelling a lot the past month and still have a trip to London ahead of me - I am so excited! Travelling equals a lot of car rides if you don´t want to sit by the pool everday - or have a hotel in a really small town, like we did. I don´t know if I am just a crazy person or if anyone else has really great ideas while sitting in a car and staring out of the window. This one was one of these ideas.

I am dedicating the whole of August to travelling. Most of the posts will be about the trips that I took part in, for example Italy and Bulgaria. But I don´t want to bore you, so I also have some beauty posts planned to mix things up a bit. There are still a few spots free for the month and I would like to know which kind of posts you want to see surrounding the topic of travel.

I know that this is not everyone´s cup of tea, so I wanted to give you a little heads up. If you don´t enjoy me talking about my trips or picture heavy blog posts, come back in September for a little surprise - blog anniversary is all I´m saying.

I just wish that I had this idea sooner to get you more involved with it. I´m sorry about that but you can´t hurry genius ideas, can you? I do hope that most of you will stay with me and that maybe you are as excited as I am about this project.

Have a wonderful day

Vichy Normaderm Moisturiser Review

Hi there internet friends.

As you all know I have really bad skin. I get blemishes and spots all the time and I always have a ton of these tiny spots that aren´t real spots but just make your skin uneven. I might have found a solution now.

When my skin started being that bad I used a moisturiser by La Rouche Posey that my dermatologist recommended for me. After a while I noticed that it didn´t do much more for my skin than any cheap moisturiser from the drugstore, so I stuck with the cheap alternative. That was until I got a free sample of the Vichy Normaderm Moisturiser at my local pharmacy.

The Normaderm products are said to be the number 1 for bad skin. This moisturiser even promises better skin within seven days. With salicyl acid, glycolic acid and LHA as its ingredients the moisturiser helps to regenerate skin cells. There are no parabens in it and it is free of comodogenics. Also it has been tested dermatologic and is useable for dry and sensitive skin. On the packaging it says that the moisturiser has a hydrating care and is anti-imperfections.

First of all, I love the simple packaging in white and green. The tub feels really stable in my hand and not at all cheap. The lid closes solidly and it hasn´t fallen off yet though it was in my make up bag in a suitcase. With it´s 50 ml inside the tub is also small enough to fit in any bag. The best thing about it is the pump. I´ve just recently read that any kind of exposure to light and air can reduce the effect of a moisturiser and touching more of the cream than you use at once is even worse. None of these things can happen with that packaging. 

I use the moisturiser for day and night. I only need half a pump to cover my face and my neckline. I don´t feel the hydrating care at first as the cream is not as smudgy as other hydrating moisturisers, but I also never feel my skin tighten after using it. The moisturiser sinks into my skin in seconds, there´s no waiting before I can apply foundation and no white streams left - amazing!

 I can tell you that this is making my skin really soft and is really helping with my imperfections. I wake up and my skin looks better than ever every morning. The tiny blemishes are almost gone and also the scars I have left from old spots are slowly going away. Also my forehead isn´t as read anymore. I think that I have gotten less spots in general since I started using this moisturiser.

I am pretty sure that it´s not any other product that is suddenly working on my skin. My skin got better when I tried the moisturiser first. After I squeezed the last bit out of my sample I switched back to my old moisturiser for just half a week and my skin got worse again until I bough a full size bottle of  the Normaderm Moisturizer. Of course, drinking three litres of water a day has also helped a bit with my skin.

I love everything about this moisturiser and if you have bad skin full of imperfectios as I do, I would suggest you try it out. I am totally amazed by this moisturiser - if you couldn´t already tell. You should be able to get this in any pharmacy or wherever they sell Vichy products in your country. Go and get a sample - or the full size product - for yourself. Your skin will thank you.

Have a wonderful day

Summer Whites & Metallics

Hi there internet friends.

Over the last few weeks I have barely looked into my closet. I mostly just went out in shorts and a plain top or in the clothes I have to wear to work. But packing my suitcase for my first summer vacation made look deep into the clothes hanging in my wardrobe and voila! I fell in love with this dress all over again.

Dress - Primark

Belt - Gifted (Mom), Earrings - Primark, Necklace - Bijou Brigitte, Knuckle Rings - H&M

Shoes - H&M

I remember buying the dress last autumn in Primark´s summer sale for just a few bucks. I loved the simple look that is so easy to style and the little metallic details around the neckline. I did already own the perfect pair of earrings for this dress and just couldn´t resist. I have never worn it before but I turned into a dress kind of girl this summer and this will come with me on every trip this summer.

I really enjoy the soft texture of this dress. It´s neither stiff nor really flow-y which makes it really interesting. The white color looks gorgeous on tanned skin which I luckily still got from my first trip. The zipper on the backside gives it a really nice touch. The length of it is just fitting my legs to cover the bit I really don´t like and to reveal the rest of my - long -  legs. A pair of heels - even just one inch - make my legs look even better in this dress.

As mentioned, it is really easy to style and I opted for simple black heels, black sunglasses, a few knuckle rings and small earrings. That´s all you need for a perfect summer look and you can already find all the accessoires in your stash. All I am missing is a big bracelet with a metallic shimmer... You could also go a bid bolder and add a red lip or a neon bag/pair of shoes for a pop of color. That would look really nice for an evening out in the summer.

I will now go and explore a bit of Italy in this outfit.
Have a wonderful day

Kiko Universal Fit Foundation - Review

Hi there internet friends.

I seem to be failing at buying just the right mascara for me. Either it´s the color or the formula that is wrong for me. I have finally found the perfect color, but with the Kiko Universal Fit Foundation the formula just doesn´t seem to be right for my skin. 

It´s a fluid foundation that is also supposed to moisturize your skin and have a long lasting texture to wear all through the day without touching up. The coverage is described as excellent. The foundation is formulated to ensure minimun instance of allergic reactions. I can say that all of that is true. But something just doesn´t add up with my skin. I have quite a normal skin with a quite oily t-zone that easily gets spots.

Let´s start on the outside though. The packaging is really easy on the eye and the foundation can easily be squeezed out of it. It is highly pigmented and definitely has a medium to high coverage depending on how red your spots are. It is easy to squeeze out too much product as only a minimum amount is needed for the whole face. The foundation has a really liquid formula which makes it easy to apply. It also feels soft on the skin and is really light - perfect for summer. I haven´t found that I had any allergic reactions to this foundation but I also can´t say that it has really moisturised my skin.

Unfortunately, the foundation doesn´t sink into my skin. It just stays on top of it and gets patchy after a few hours. Even though the brightest color exactly matches my skin I can´t build up the coverage as it soon gets too beige for me. The worst part for me is that the foundation makes my t-zone really shiny after just half an hour. I can´t re-apply powder every half hour. If it wasn´t for those things this foundation would be perfect for me!

All in all, if you have dry to normal skin this foundation will be the best catch for you. If you do have oily spots like me, you should stay away from it and maybe try out a foundation with an oil-base as these have been working really well for me. 

Have a wonderful day

Childhood Memories #4

Hi there internet friends.

I just found these old pictures of myself at a friends birthday party back in 2007 on my parents´ computer. I had to share them with you.

On that birthday we climbed through a cave and judging by our clothes in the first picture it got dirty in there. I don´t particularly remember what the cave was like or how it felt walking through it, but I do remember that we went there - my brain works in mysterious ways. I am standing next to a really good friend of mine back in primary school. She´s just the sweetest girl and I can proudly say that I still know where she lives and that we are still in contact even thought it´s rare that we talk.

After the cave climbing we sat down in my friend´s garden - who´s also named Lisa - and gave her our presents, played some games and just hung out. I don´t remember the girls on the pictures as I only met them that day and never saw them again but it looks like we got along great. If I do remember one thing right we planned a bit of our future in that little notebook and childish as we were we painted the brightest pictures for ourselves. Our big smiles could be a hint for that. 

Guessing from all the pictures I have seen of that day, I´d say that I had a great time. Walking through mud and exploring caves/woods was totally my thing in primary school. Now I would prefer getting a facial.

Have a wonderful day

Astor Seduction Codes Mascara - Review

Hi there internet friends.

We are all guilty of doing it: Buying things on a limp. Either we fall madly in love with the product or we regret our buy months later. For me the Astor Seduction Codes Mascara belongs to the second category.

I´ve been intrigued about this mascara since I saw an ad for it on tv. It is supposed to give you volume and definition to seduce every other human being on the planet. Who wouldn´t want that? On the packaging it says that a silk formula and the shaping brush catch all the lashes for a volumized and defined look. Still I hesitated. Just when I saw an offer to buy this mascara and get a free kohl kajal with it, I stopped thinking and just bought it.

Sadly, I´ve been only disappointed. The mascara isn´t waterproof which is always difficult with my lashes. I had hoped that maybe the formula would hold my eye lashes up but it doesn´t. After a few hours my lashes seem to fall down again. The brush is unusally shaped and definitely a big one but my hopes for perfectly defined lashes were crushed again. I find that the brush sticks my lashes more together than it defines them. That´s not the effect I was hoping for.

I find that the size of the brush is also a problem as I get mascara everywhere while trying to apply it. It is one of the most annoying things on earth. The mascara also crumbles or slips off of my lashes as the day goes by. If I don´t check my mascara regularly, I soon look like a racoon. This mostly happens when I apply it to my lower lashes.

In favor of this mascara, I have to say that it does give a really awesome volume to my lashes. It also adds a nice bit of length to them which I totally didn´t expect. I´ve also fallen in love with the packaging. It looks so sleek and noble with it´s shiny gold. It´s really light weight and does not feel cheap at all. I haven´t experienced any mascara sticking to the lid yet and I think this might never happen with this packaging.

I wouldn´t recommend this mascara for you if you have sturdy lashes that won´t stay curled or ones that need a fine brush to be seperated - or both. In any other case, go and have a try. Maybe use another mascara as a base and then use this to top your look off. Especially if you have quite small lashes this might help you to seduce your partner.

Have a wonderful day

My Summer Dish: Frozen Yogurt

Hi there internet friends.

Summer is supposed to be the best time to lose weight as we are less hungry when it´s hot. Let´s be real: Summer is the worst time to lose weight, there´s ice cream everywhere! I can´t resist ice cream for long. There´s only one thing in the world to keep me from ordering ice cream every single day: Frozen Yogurt, the healthier and more expensive alternative. I´ve now found the perfect way to make it at home for way less than what you´d pay normally.

In the late summer last year I found thousands of recipes for Frozen Yogurt. Unfortunately, they all were using an ice cream maker which I don´t own. I had almost given up on every making Frozen Yogurt at home when I found a few recipes that didn´t use such a fancy machine. I checked it today again and there were many more but I still thought I´d share my take at it with you.

You will need:

250g Joghurt

30g Icing sugar
a teaspoon of Vanilla sugar


Vanilla syrup
Vanilla Bean
Lemon juice
Melted Chocolate

Basically, you put the joghurt into a bowl and stirr it until it´s creamy. How long that takes depends wether you use a whisk or rely on the strenght of your hands. You then gently add in the icing sugar, the vanilla sugar and the vanilla bean - not as a whole, of course - and softly mix it together. When it´s all mixed you have the basic recipe done.

There are an infinite number of variations that you can create. After having done the basic recipe you can add in whatever you like. I often go for the vanilla/lemon option as I like the way it´s sweet and sour in just the right way. For that I just add in vanilla syrup and lemon juice and stirr it again until it´s all mixed. You could also add any kind of mashed fruits or fruit puree if you´d like that. Any other kind of fruit juice would also be possible. For when I am having sweet cravings I like to add in melted chocolate or cookie crumbles - or both!

The creamy mixture must be put into the freezer now. It should take about 3 - 5 hours until it has the perfect consistency. You need to stirr it around every 15 - 20 minutes to prevent cristals from building up. Those are ruining the creaminess of the Frozen Yogurt and we want it to be creamy as hell. Just set a timer and watch your favorite show, write/read a blogpost or pack you suitcase, it sounds like more work that it is.

As many options as there are for the Frozen Yogurt itself, there are much more for toppings. You can basically go for anything you´d like. I am mostly going for any kind of fruits when I am feeling healthy and for marshmallow when I need to calm my inner sweettooth. But you don´t need to stick to that. Just experiment and create your own favorite version of this. Have fun and go with your gut.

Have a wonderful day

I Like My Choices

Hi there internet friends.

After having finished The Fault in Our Stars for the sixth time - I am that kind of pathetic fangirl -  a few days ago I couldn´t stop thinking about this one qoute. It even haunted my dreams.

This qoute is almost the last sentence in the whole book but that isn´t the reason that I can´t stop thinking about it. The reason is that I there is so much truth in just this one sentence. John Green, you did an incredible job here.

"You don´t get to choose if you get hurt in this world" - Of course not. What kind of world would we live in if nobody would ever get hurt? We don´t just get hurt if we get close to people and lose them, we also get hurt by the words people use against us and more importantly, if something doesn´t work out the way we want it to. But when does anything ever work out as we planned it? The coincidences in this world are not under our control and we shouldn´t get hurt by it because we know that. Still we - or at least I am - are hurting every time. 

The only hurt we can protect ourselves from is other humans hurting us. But then again we would need to stay alone and let nobody close to us if we´d want to do so. Humans are pack animals, we can´t be alone all of our live. But people hurting us is inevitable. They either leave us or say something inconsiderately that hurts us. Staying alone can´t make us happy, so any kind of protection will be useless if we want to live a happy life.

"But you do have some say in who hurts you" - Exactly. As said, it is inevitable that people hurt us, but we get to choose if the weird look that this one girl at school gives us hurts us or if we just smile back. There are people so close to us that a judging comment can really hurt us, but we can decide if we love them enough to take it as a constructive criticism or if we get hurt by it. After all, we are the ones who decide which people we allow a place in our heart and which ones we keep outside.

In the end, we need to get hurt. How would we distinguish the good times from the hurting ones otherwise? But we also need to have happy, careless fun times. All we need to do is find a good balance. There´s this saying in the movie version "If you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain" and that, also, is very much true. 

Have a wonderful day

Haul Of Sins

Hi there internet friends.

As you might remember I did a massive haul at the start of summer  - click here to read part I and part II -  and said loud and clear that I wouldn´t need anything more this summer. Oh, how wrong I was. We went shopping the other day and I intended to not buy anything, but then the things were on sale and I couldn´t resist. Here we go, my list of sins I bought.

First off I bought a pretty basic t-shirt. The fabric is just so soft and I think this will be easy to style. I love how it´s not plain grey but is this mixture of white, grey and black. Then I also bought this bikini top in the sale because it´s just exactly what I´ve been looking for. It´s the exact same color and style I wanted and it also has strings to attach to it - perfect!

I fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw it. It´s not my usual style, but I´ve seen so many people wear skirts like this and I love the outfit you can create with it. It also has the perfect length which is always difficult for me. I don´t like th upper half of my thighs, but this skirt covers them and just shows my legs from the point were I like them. Fitting to the skirt I also got this top. It is perfect to tug into the skirt and I can also wear it with plain shorts. The strings cross at the back which gives it a really interesting touch. 

My friends talked me into buying this red dress. I only wanted to try it on for the pure joy of it but they kept telling me how perfect it suited me and how beautiful I was in it - they said something about looking like Cleopatra. I had no other choice than to buy it. The long shirt will be used as my pjs. I only own one short PJ and that´s definitely not enough. I am also in love with New York City - even though I´ve never been there - so that was a no-brainer. I have no excuse for the jacket. I just thought it looked cute and I could see me wear it with shorts and a plain white shirt.  One item more or less doesn´t matter in the end, right?

Of course I also bought a few other things. I needed another pair of sandals as I only own ones with heels and ones with a toe seperator and neither of them are perfect for visiting a city on vacation. These are gorgeous and feel really comfortable. I also went with these flower boots. I normally wouldn´t wear them, but I´ve been feeling rather brave lately and also they are so comfortable. I´ve fallen in love with them.

I´ve been loving the scents by Hollister for years but always thought they were way too expensive. They had an offer to buy three pieces for  30€, so me and my friends got together and each bought a Crescent Bay Body Mist. Lastly, I also got Vanilla & Coconut scented candles, new knuckle rings and a flower crown - finally!

Even thought I feel quite quitly about it, I am also really happy with all the things I bought. But I do think that I don´t need anything else now. Luckily, autumn is coming soon. I can then justify some more shopping as I obviously don´t have enough clothes to survive autumn. haha.

Have a wonderful day

"X" by Ed Sheeran

Hi there internet friends.

I am late to the party again, aren´t I? I just recently - more like four days ago- remembered that Ed Sheeran´s new album came out a while ago. Oops. But that can´t stop me from getting obsessed.

My initial thought when I heard that Ed was releasing his new album in spring/summer was "Does that make sense?". Normally, I´d put Ed´s music more in autumn and winter when you can snuggle up next to a fireplace and drink hot cocoa while listening. For me, in summer I want more happy music that makes me dance around the house for no reason. Funny enough, I totally see me listening to X the whole summer long.

To be honest, I haven´t heard all of Ed´s earlier albums, so don´t criticize me if what I say next is wrong. I feel like this album is a bit louder than his earlier songs. More of the songs have a more danceable rhythm to them - for example "Don´t" or "Sing", two of my favorites. Of course, there are also the slow, melancholic songs on it that you want to sing along or just lie in bed to - like "Photograph" or "Tenerife Sea".

I like not only Ed´s voice - which is perfect for the kind of songs he sings- I also love his lyrics. They are so thoughtful and so full of stylistic devices that you can only see if you look really closely. The pictures he paints with his music and his words are so vivid and so full of bright colors that I actually wish to close my eyes and see what he sings.

I can´t really decide which song is my favorite, but "Tenerife Sea" and "Photograph" are close to the top. But then again I also love "Nina" and "Runaway". "Thinking Out Loud" was my first love of the album - and also the first song I heard from it - and "Shirtsleeves" and "I See Fire" are beautiful. I can only say that "Take it Back" and "The Man" are not on my first place. I love the choruses of both, but I am not so much enjoying the rap part. Still I am getting used to it. The more I listen to both songs, the more I like them. Maybe I´ll love them this time next week.

Some may argue that the songs sound very similar to each other but I´d disagree with that. After a few seconds into the song I can always distinguish which one it is. At last in every chorus they sound so different and all of them tell a different story with a different melody. Every melody therefore paints a different picture. I´d say people who argue like that just haven´t listened closely to the whole album.

I am in no way an expert for anything music, this all is just how I feel about this album. I will now put some money aside to buy a ticket to one of Ed´s concerts in Germany next autumn. I would really suggest you have a look at this album. Some of the songs might take a while to like them, but I guess almost everyone can relate to at least one of his songs. You´d miss out if you wouldn´t find this one song.

Have a wonderful day

New Instagram Account

Hi there internet friends.

If you follow me on Twitter - which you definitely should, @Following_Lisa - you will have already noticed that I now got an Instagram account. Yay!

I had some trouble finding a username that wasn´t already in use at first. Even names such as "f0ll0wing_Lisa_Blog_offical" were already taken - really?! Come on! I almost gave up on the whole idea though I really wanted to get an account. However, I tried it one last time after I got back from Bulgaria and it worked without an problems. I guess the new update has made the difference

You can now find me at followinglisa

I only had it for a few days now and I am already obsessed. How did I survive without this platform?! Obviously, I still need more people to follow and am looking for some new followers. So leave me your links in the comments. I am excited to see all your pretty pictures!

Have a wonderful day