Workout Challenges - The Update

Hi there internet friends.

As promised I am giving you an update on the 30 Days Workout Challenges I started at the beginning of the month, click here to read the original blogpost.

I am done with the first 15 days and I am feeling really good about it. I am thankful for every rest day in there as this whole thing is much more exhausting than I first thought. When I read the numbers of repition for the last few days I didn´t realize how much this actually was. It now takes me about one whole song to do one of the eight exercises for a day. Also I can´t do them all in one take anymore because it´s way too exhausting and it takes so long. Instead I am doing one or two exercises at a time and spread it throughout the whole day. At least I am avoiding sore muscles this way.

That´s the thing: I did get sore muscles after the first two days but not since then. Maybe my muscles are actually getting used to all this exercising. What I can say for sure though, is that I´ve slimmed down a few centimetres at the targeted areas. My thighs now have an extend of exactly 60 centimetres (started with 63.2 centimetres) and I feel like the amount of flesh touching when I walk has slimmed down. Also I think my thighs don´t look as wobbly anymore. I acutally feel pretty comfortable to wear shorts now. My tummy at the height of my belly button now has the extent of 76.5 centimetres (82.6 centimetres before). If I don´t suck it in it´s now 79 centimetres (86 centimetres before) which also means the bloating has been reduced. I am pretty happy with all of these developments and the challenge is not even finished yet.

I would definitely say that most of the exercises are pretty much simple and easy and can be done by anyone. I knew quite a few from my trainings before and the pictures let me assume the rest. I just re-checked how to do sit-ups and leg raises after a week as I wasn´t too sure if I was doing them right. Turns out, I wasn´t doing them right at all. So, I´d suggest to look up how to do every one of these exercises on Youtube before starting a challenge.

The challenges have also kept me motivated to stick to healthier foods instead of drowning myself in junk food which makes me feel better as an outcome. There are so many positive side effects and I love it. I think this is already one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am excited to see how it all turns out at the end of the month.

Have a wonderful day

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