What I Love About... Inline Skating

Hi there internet friends.

If you don´t know that I am a very active person and that I love to go inline skating, you are clearly not following me on Twitter (@Following_Lisa). I am currently living in a very rural area and have been living here for the eighteen years of my existence. I have the perfect requirements for going inline skating right here. I am out of the residential area in ten minutes and can drive by fields and trees and catch some beautiful views.

I took every picture in this post on my skates

Things I love about inline skating:

1. It´s a fast sport
2. It´s more gentle to your joints than running
3. It really works your butt and your thighs 
4. You can easily meet up with friends and go inline skating togehter
5. You will see beautiful views and smell things like fresh strawberries - yummy!
6. You´re outside and get fresh air
7. If it´s sunny you might even get a tan
8. It´s like the wind surrounding you takes all your thoughts away
9. While inline skating I don´t feel like I am working out (I only sweat afterwards)
10. You have no costs (except for buying the skates) and you are not bound by any schedule

I am not trying to convince anyone to go inline skating regularly, it´s just not everybody´s thing. But I want to encourage you to try it. It could be perfect for you and you just don´t know about it yet. If any of the listed things above make you want to try it, then do so. Give it a chance even if you get weird looks at first - you wouldn´t believe how many looks I get from people driving by in a car. Oh, and maybe use protection gear on your first few times, safety first!

Have a wonderful day

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