Summer Vacation To-Do List

Hi there internet friends.

I´ve been talking about my summer vacations non-stop and I think everyone around me is just annoyed but I can´t help it. I am just so excited! I am definitely too active and too smart to just waste my vacations with lying on the beach or drinking my head away (no idea why most of my colleagues from school really want to do that...). I want to see things and I want to make loads of memories, so I came up with a To-Do List for me.

1. Go grocery shopping in all three different countries

2. Get a few things from the duty free section
3. Read a book at the beach
4. Visit an Aquaparc
5. Visit the historic center of Nessebar
6. Lay on the beach and watch the stars at night

7. Try Italian ice-cream
8. Visit a typical old Italian building
9. Capture at least one amazing view
10. Go on a boat
11. Get one good family picture

12. Get a picture with a red phone box
13. See TFIOS again (because it´s in English then)
14. Buy all the stuff I can´t get here
15. Hear English waves at the beach
16. See London at night

As you can see I´ve got five things for each of my trips. I love grocery shopping in different countries, so I really want to do that in every country. It´s always interesting to see what kind of foods other countries have. Obviously I have to see the stars on the beach when I am in Bulgaria with my grade and visiting an Aquaparc is also necessary. To try Italian ice-cream when I am in Italy is a no-brainer as well as capturing an amazing view. My family has rented an apartment a little bit up the hill, so this might even be done on the first day. To watch The Fault in Our Stars again might seem odd to some of you but I love this film so much that I want to see it in the original language again (I can only watch it in German here). I´ve been wanting to get a picture of me in a red phone box since I went to London last time!

I still can´t believe that I´ll be leaving for Bulgaria on Wednesday already. Also I am quite terrified of flying, so that´s going to be interesting. If you follow me on any social media platforms (links are in my sidebar)  I will keep you in the loop about what I am up to. Of course, there will be a lot of blogposts about my vacations when I come back from each one. Maybe I´ll even do a round up at the end of summer to see if I crossed off everything on my To-Do list. Tell me about your summer plans in the comments.

Have a wonderful day

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