Must-Have Summer Face Masks

Hi there internet friends.

The weather here has been kind of crazy. One day it´s sunshine all over and the next it´s grey clouds and harsh wind. My skin is always in trouble but the weather circumstances are not making everything better. One day it´s oily, the next it has big dry patches, the day after I get a lot of spots and then suddenly everything is getting really good. That cycle just starts over and over again. I have found that some face masks are really helping me during this time.

The Garnier Skin Naturals Anti-Spots Thermo Mask is an all time favorite of mine. It´s a really thick consistency that is hard to spread on your face, but once your fingers start heating it up it becomes so easy to apply. It´s made with salicylic acid and zinc (not the finest smell, I know) so it clears the pores instantly and deeply and prevents the skin from breaking out. What is really great is that it only stays on your face for about three minutes, meaning you can easily do this before heading out. I feel like my skin really gets better after I´ve used this.

Next up I have a mask that I just tried out, but I can already feel that it´s going to be very useful this summer. It´s the Glacial Mud Mask by Montagne Jeunesse. It´s a French brand and it´s 100 per cent natural which is always a bonus. It´s made with natural clay, cloudberry and red grapes to clear your pores and refresh your face while also building up a natural barrier against environmental influences. That´s exactly what I need from a mask and though it looks and smells not the best I get great, clear skin afterwards. It also really cools my whole face which is perfect for summer.

I must have told you about Cupcake by Lush a thousand times before. I was recommended this mask for my troubling skin when I was in the shop and so far I can only tell good about it. I love the peppermint chocolate-y smell of it and though the formula is quite thick you can still apply this pretty evenly. It´s so easy to wash off and cocoabutter, flax seed, cocoa powder, peppermint-, spearmint-, sandalwoodoil are treating my skin just right. I´ve never had a breakout after using this.

Last but not least the skin around my eyes is having the roughes time in summer. It gets really dry and even hurts sometimes. I haven´t been on a plane lately but I´ve heard that this might even get worse. As I am heading into three different vacations with each a long journey to my destination I thought I´d give the Herbal Eye Patches from Tamany Cosmetic a go. I´ve fallen in love with these. They are really moisturizing and cooling and make me look so much more awake. There are too many ingredients in there to give you a list, but they do they thing right. I will definitely take them with me!

All in all, I think I have most of the things that I need to help my skin as good as possible. All I need to do now is to stay away from it and do not touch it (ha, if it would be that easy).
Have a wonderful day


  1. Love the garnier skin naturals and shall definitely try out the others (thank you)! My skin goes crazy when the weather heats up so I definitely feel your pain!
    Hope you have a wonderful week :)
    L xo

    1. I don´t know how I survived without the Garnier mask before. Funnily enough, my skin can totally handly hot/cold weather, but the change of weather is so hard on it. At least, I am not alone with this problem. :)
      xx Lisa


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