Huge Summer Haul II Part 2

Hi there internet friends.

As I said yesterday this is the second part of my Huge Summer Haul, see part one here. Also when I say `huge´ I mean it. I feel like that spoiled, over-priced little girl that is secretly hated by its parents. I am justifying this with not having been shopping for at least three months. I do feel so free now that I don´t have to worry about what other people in my grade will think. I can just wear anything that I want to.

To start with I bought some more essentials from H&M. Two pairs of new trunks. One that is really tight and is a bit longer than my knees. It´s perfect for summer as the fabric is really light. Of course, I also needed a pair of shorts for training. It´s especially useful for Dance training as I can wear it over light tights. I really like the bright orange waistband. It brings a bit more color.

I needed to replace an old bikini from last year that I´ve grown out of. I was actually wanting a dark red one, but then fell in love with this bright one in an instant. It´s a balconette bikini top, but there are straps to attach to it. That´s pretty practical as I can wear it without straps for tanning and with straps for actual swimming. I love to shop swim wear at H&M.

Both of these tops are also from H&M. They are really flowy and light and will be perfect for summer. I love the patterns of these and how they are oversized. I see them paired with either a plain jeans shorts or long skirts.

This plain cream white dress will be perfect to just wear over my new bikini for when we had for the beach. The hotels we booked rooms in are still 10 minutes away from the beach and I don´t like walking around town with just my bikini on. Two plain white T-Shirts are a must have for summer. They are super light and can be paired with everything. Last but not least, I bought this long black skirt from Madonna. I think this looks good with everything and it´s just so light that it will be perfect for a sightseeing day.

I am just so happy with all of the things I bought. When will summer be finally here? 
Also as said yesterday, let me know if you want to see a summer lookbook with the things I bought.

Have a wonderful day

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