Healthy Living #4

Hi there internet friends.

My hormons are driving me crazy this week (girls you know what I am talking about!). First I was hungrier than usually, then I wanted to eat more and more sweets. I then started to have really bad cravings for all kinds of bad food which I only overcame because I had a lot to do. Yesterday a total lack of motivation kicked in and I couldn´t resist my cravings anymore. My hormons just suck at this healthy lifestyle thing, but I won´t give up!

Breakfast - 1 bread roll with marmelade and camembert, 1 egg
Lunch - 2 slices of selfmade pizza, a few strawberries
Snack - 2 crisps, Muesli with fruit joghurt and strawberries
Dinner - 2 slices of protein bread with cream cheese and cucumber, half a pepper, 1 mushroom, 5 cherry tomatoes

Activities: 35 minutes Inline skating
Drinks: 2 Litres of water

Breakfast - 2 slices of brad with cream cheese and marmelade
Lunch - Muesly with fruit joghurt and an apple
Snack - 2 marshmallows, 1 apple
Dinner - Mixed salad with chicken breast, 1 slice of protein bread

Activities: 75 minutes dance training
Drinks: 2 lites of water

Breakfast - 1 banana
Snack - 1 apple, 1 gummibear
Lunch - 1 tuna wrap
Snack - 3 gummibears
Dinner - 2 slices of protein bread with cheese and salami, 3 cherry tomatoes, 1 mushroom
Snack - 1 apple, 1 chocolate bar, 2 gummibears

Drinks: 2 litres of water

Breakfast - 1 slice of Brioché, 1 apple, 1 vanilla latte
Snack - 1 mushroom
Lunch - Maccaroni casserole
Snack - half a slice of protein bread
Dinner - 2 slices protein bread with cheese, 2 mushrooms, a few cherry tomatoes
Snack - 4 gummibears, 1 apple

Activities: 40 minutes Inline skating
Drinks: 2 litres of water

Breakfast - 1 glass strawberry-melon smoothie
Snack - 1 apple, 1 vanilla latte
Lunch - half a portion noodles, 1 slice protein bread
Snack - quarter of a honey melon
Dinner - 1 croissant, 1 bread roll
Snack - a few gummibears

Activities: one hour ballett training
Drinks: 2 litres of water

Breakfast - 1 apple
Snack - 1 glass of strawberrry-melon smoothie, 3 cherry tomatoes
Lunch - Cevapcici pan
Snack - 1 chococlate bar, 2 gummibears
Dinner - 1.5 slices of brad with cheese and chicken breast salad
Snack - 3 gummibears, 1 chocolate bar

Drinks: 2 litres of water

Considering that my goals were to get back to low carb dinners and try smoothies as snacks I did pretty great this week. I love smoothies when the sun is out and it´s too hot to eat anything else, but I still have to figure out how to make delicious smoothies myself as I don´t like my selfmade ones that much. I´ll just keep trying

What I am proud of this week: keeping up with my workouts, drinking 2 litres every day
My goals for next week: no evening snacks, low carb dinners

I´d also like to know how you like this series so far. I haven´t gotten mcuh response to this and I think I am thinking healthier now and could continue on my own with just giving you an update here or there. But if you like to see what I am eating on a daily basis, I´d gladly continue this whole series. Please, let me know.

Have a wonderful day

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