Flawless Flowers

Hi there internet friends.

The weather has been so nice lately and it not only lightens my mood but our garden as well. In every so little corner a new flower sprung and a all green flowers started showing off their colorful flowerage. I could just stand there for hours and look around.

I love taking pictures in our garden although sometimes I can´t believe that this actually is our garden when I have a look at the pictures. Over the course of two years we´ve been renewing every little corner so that it finally went from the ugly old garden that housed an old swingset, old high bars and a really old  sandpit to a beautfiul new garden with another terrace and a lot of flowers. It´s just so pretty!

The morning hours are really perfect for taking some snaps! It´s not too hot but the sun is already out. The world looks so much more colorful when the sun is out, don´t you think?

Have a wonderful day

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