Day of Chaos

Hi there internet friends.

I have finally made it through school. Not only have I done all my exams, I have also passed all of them with a grade point average of 1.5 (1 being an A). Yay! In our school and generally around where I live there is a tradition called Day of Chaos. The graduates of the school get to make a mess on that day and get to annoy everyone else. Basically, the school gets messed up, every student gets its load of waterbaloons and red lipstick everywhere. We are saying goodbye in that matter.

The head teacher of our grade is named "Gerwing"

I present you the head teacher of our grade

At least the teachers got breakfast from us

Those stickers were really funny

They all had to watch

My sister & I

Wednesday was the Day of Chaos for my grade and it really was fun. As many grades before us we did also build up a stage and had a few games for teachers and students planned. By the end of each game the loser got whipped cream thrown into its face. We had loud music and most of my grade was so drunk that they were even being nice to me (I still don´t understand why someone would need to drink to have fun but whatever).

It was all fun until two minutes before I wanted to go. I had just packed up all my things and was ready to say goodbye to my friends when some idiot from my grade had the perfect idea to pour a bucket full of cold water down my back and to scatter a whole package of flour over me afterwards. That´s not really my idea of fun but the worst part was that I had my camera hanging from my shoulder which was then soaked in water and dusted over with flour to. No need to say that I yelled at him to stop during his attack and screamed at him after his attack. I also cried out of anger and shock. Turns out, he was doing this as revenge for something I am not even responsible for. There´s more to the story, but I don´t want to get in too deep. This is just why this post didn´t go up on Wednesday: I was not feeling up for anything.

To not have this end on a sad/angry note I can say that I am so relieved to not have to see most of my grade again. There´s still prom and graduation ceremony and the Bulgaria trip, but I can stay away from them most of the time. Also the whole thing made me realise who my real friends are as they instantly went after that guy and then came to my house to see I was okay. I love them so much and I will definitely miss them. But I am so looking forward to what my future holds. After all the stuff I´ve been through in school it can only get better and I will take you on that journey with me.

Have a wonderful day

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